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When Liars Lie


1.  So now you know:

Religious Left Editor: "Avatar" Illustrates Israeli Oppression – by Mark D. Tooley




Leftist smear campaign?

Threatening letters sent to Minister Barak remind Haim Misgav of darker days
Haim Misgav

It seems that hundreds of thousands of members of the national-Zionist camp are looking at recent events in the political arena with great anxiety. This is so because many of them fear that again we are seeing some intelligence elements, which are hidden from view, making an effort to smear a very large group of citizens. It already happened in the past, when the Shin Bet employed (with the knowledge of top prosecutors) an agent provocateur meant to taint the image of settlers in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. It may be happening now as well.


I do not know whether Defense Minister Ehud Barak really received threatening letters and whether they are authentic, yet something about this somewhat odd story reminds me of Avishay Raviv. This was the name of the agent deployed by Shin Bet chiefs, with the approval of top leaders, in order to accelerate provocative acts against Arabs and create a sort of de-legitimacy for settlers in areas earmarked for unilateral evacuation. He was also a very close friend of Yigal Amir and many words have been written about his part in Prime Minister Rabin's assassination.


Meanwhile, a report compiled by former Chief Justice Meir Shamgar already mentioned everything that needs to be mentioned about the ugly and anti-democratic moves adopted by authorities during the infamous Oslo accords; moves led by Avishay Raviv and his masters.


Only history would be able to judge whether there was any way to prevent Yitzhak Rabin's assassination, yet Raviv's mysterious masters no doubt played a crucial role in the despicable provocations meant to make some people fed up with the settlement enterprise beyond the Green Line; people who are both foolish and naïve to think that if only the IDF will withdraw from territories that were taken over legally in 1967, the Arabs will make do with that.


There was never a shortage of these types of fools in Israel, yet one thing must not be accepted: That free discourse will be limited or tainted by unknown elements, which face no supervision, via provocations reminiscent of dark regimes and dictators. Civil wars start like that. There are quite a few recent examples of popular uprisings against regimes that make use of these kinds of methods.


I am indeed uncertain that what I'm saying is true, yet past experience proves that there are some top political figures in the State of Israel who believe that reckless smearing of the other side would serve their interests. This is what David Ben Gurion and his comrades did in the past when they tarnished the "rebels," members of the Irgun and of the Stern Gang, and this is what socialist movement veterans did later on to Menachem Begin when they sought to dub him a fascist. This is also what the Oslo people did to those who objected to their moves, while disgracing the democratic regime.

As noted, all of the above may be the result of the sick imagination of a person who has been fed quite a few despicable conspiracy theories created by the leftist camp. However, when we see that everyone involved in the Raviv deception never paid a price for it – while many of those involved are today at the very top of the government pyramid, there is no reason not to suspect that another smear and de-legitimization campaign is being led against Judea and Samaria settlers, ahead of possibly another act of diplomatic folly.

Dr. Haim Misgav is a lecturer at the Netanya Academic College  




On January 22, 1942, The New York Times ran an editorial that rejected the establishment of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel. The immediate context was the idea of forming a Jewish brigade within the British Army. The Times based its objection, among other things, on the assumption that Jews did not need a state of their own, because once the Allies achieved a victory, they would be citizens with equal rights in their countries of residence, in accordance with the Atlantic Charter signed by the United States and Britain in August 1941. Hopes for a Jewish homeland would be fulfilled, the Times wrote, by "the winning of a new world in which Jews along with other religious and national minorities may live peacefully and happily in every nation, enjoying the full rights of other citizens."



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