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Hebrew University "Mandel Scholar" Amos Goldberg battles Zionism




1.  Every week, violent thugs, hooligans and terrorists attack Israeli police and soldiers as part of the "protest" against Israel defending its children from genocidal terrorists.  The "protesters" hold these violent confrontations at the West Bank villages of Bil'in and Na'alin.  They are the initiative of violent anti-Israel extremist groups financed by the New Israel Fund.  The rioters include "anarchists" and members of the pro-Hamas Ta'ayush group.


Today in Haaretz, one of the leaders in this group, one Amos Goldberg, writes a mind-numbing Op-Ed article denouncing people who criticize those violent thugs or who challenge the right of hostile forces outside of Israel to fund treasonous groups inside of Israel.  Goldberg's entire diatribe follows below.  In it, Goldberg claims Israel is warring against "human rights activists."  The truth is that his "human rights activists" are pro-jihad terrorists.  Of course what REALLY has him upset is the beginning of understanding among Israelis that groups like his are being propped up, in spite of having almost no support within Israel, by belligerent groups outside of Israel, including the New Israel Fund.  Violent hooliganism is "peaceful protest," insists Goldberg.


Goldberg has a long track record of churning out anti-Israel propaganda.  Naturally he has also been involved in those protests in Jerusalem demanding that the Simon the Righteous neighborhood be kept judenrein.  He insists that Israel is an evil Goliath oppressing the poor Palestinian David (  He has been arrested for his hooliganism ( ).  He is active in promoting the Palestinian "right of return," meaning their right to destroy Israel (see, and also signs petitions calling for world boycotts against Israel.     


Goldberg is a "Mandel Scholar" at the Scholion Research Center in Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University.   The Center is largely financed by the Mandel Foundation in Cleveland.  Mr. Morton L. Mandel – Chairman & CEO Mandel Foundation, chairs the Scholion Center.  My guess is that he and the Mandel Foundation folks do not know what kind of people they are hosting and funding as "scholars."  If you would like to let them know, their contact information appears here:


Goldberg here proudly proclaims his membership in the anti-Israel extremist group "Ta'ayush."  Neve Gordon, another leader in Ta'ayush, once proudly described that group as seditious.  He meant that as a compliment.  NGO Monitor exposes the group here: .  Ta'ayush promotes boycotts and divestment against Israel.



Here is the entire Goldberg article:


Here and now

By Amos Goldberg

Tags: Israel news





Israel has been waging a bitter battle in recent months against human rights activists and the non-violent struggle by Jews and Arabs against the occupation. To this end, the state has made use of the most questionable means available to it.

They are attacking on all fronts, and it is hard to believe that their actions do not represent official policy. As such, without the citizens noticing it, Israeli democracy is once again heading in the direction of the "democracies" of Russia and Egypt.

It began with harassment and unwarranted arrests of the leaders of the Bil'in and Na'alin demonstrations. When these did not have their desired effect, the army declared the area of the villages a closed military zone on Fridays.




For the next six months, whoever goes to these areas in order to demonstrate will immediately be charged with entering a closed military zone and will be brought to trial.

Designating a closed military zone is a draconian legal measure that limits basic human rights and is meant to prevent security risks, not protest. Of course, the army has never adopted a like tactic to prevent, for example, the rebuilding of illegal outposts after they have been razed. Only the protests of the left and the Palestinians are allowed to be prevented without any limits.

The harassment and the arrests made by the army and the Shin Bet may have failed to break the protests at Bil'in and Na'alin, but they worked in Jerusalem. During the past few years the police have managed to crack down on quiet civil protests in Silwan using these methods. They are now using similar policies in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

The settlers there, who are immune, use violence against the residents, especially women and children. The residents turn to the police, which take their time in arriving and do not arrest anyone.

After the Arabs lose their patience, one of them responds with a shove, is immediately arrested for aggravated assault and is brought to trial only after a lengthy waiting period in custody. Sometimes charges of aggravated sexual harassment are brought against residents for nothing more than using strong language. This is happening here and now.

The same method is being implemented by the security forces in Hebron and in the southern Hebron Hills. One of the activists in the struggle for grazing areas for the Bedouin, who have been stripped innumerable times of their lands by the army and the settlers, was charged with cutting a wildflower and has been held for a week. Children and adults, mostly from families linked to groups like B'tselem, are arrested on a near daily basis on false accusations.

The effectiveness of these measures is enormous because in addition to the fear element, the process is so expensive (hiring an attorney, posting bail, etc.) that the activists are unable to meet the costs, even if the legal process does result in the release of those who have been arrested.

At the same time, the state is waging a campaign against human rights groups. Not only does it send its senior officials to European capitals to convince the governments there to prevent funding for these organizations, but in recent days the Justice Ministry has begun working on legislation that will make funding these organizations with foreign donations nearly impossible.

This is the look of the only democracy in the Middle East - one that cannot suffer even non-violent protests by Jews and Palestinians, or the activity of human rights groups, Jewish or Arab, that expose its true colors.

Beyond the issue of democracy, are we to understand that the state is destroying the channels of peaceful protest in order to push the Palestinians back into a cycle of violence? This would then allow it to go back to wrapping itself up in self-righteousness and argue that it is combating terrorism. After all, this is what it considers to be its forte.

The writer is a fellow at Scholion Research Center at Hebrew University and an activist in Ta'ayus - Arab-Jewish Partnership.





2.   Haaretz today is carrying banner headlines about an Israeli Professor denouncing the Ministry of Education for forcing school children to learn details about the Holocaust.  The article is here:  Note the headline: "'Studying details of Shoah has no educational value."  The article cites letters sent to the Minister of Education by Prof. Hanna Yablonka, who teaches history at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.  I am not sure but she may be the daughter or sister of communist party activist, Tel Aviv University Professor Eva Jablonka.


You may recall that Shulamit Aloni led the charge years back against Israeli youth visiting concentration camps.  Aloni also opposed Israeli schools letting students read the Book of Joshua from the Bible.  In both cases, Aloni feared that the experience could make Israeli youths proud Zionists and militant non-leftists, and THAT would make it more difficult to impose upon Israel the Far Left's agenda of dismembering and eliminating Israel.


In line with the official party ideology dominant at Ben Gurion University, perhaps Yablonka has the same fears? 


Yablonka has a long track record of insisting that the REAL Holocaust that Israel must learn about is the Holocaust being perpetrated against Palestinians by Israeli "settlers."  Think I am exaggerating?  Take a look at

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