Friday, March 05, 2010

Moonbrits Trying to Arrest Ami Ayalon


     As you know the Moonbrits in the UK have been trying to arrest each and every Israeli public figure who steps foot in their boggy land.  I have suggested on more than one occasion that Israel start arresting British politicians for the crimes of occupation of lands where they do not belong – from Wales to Gibraltar to the Falkland Islands.


   But I must confess that this week I am having second thoughts. This week the Brits are threatening to arrest ultra-capitulationist Ami Ayalon (see ). 


    And I think they should!  In fact, I think that Jews all over the planet should encourage them to do so.


   Ami Ayalon deserves to be arrested because he has made a career out of out-Beilinizing even Yossi Beilin.  (Beilin led the early Oslo initiative by trying to serve as an Israeli Rudolf Hess – not to be confused with Amira Hass.)  Ayalon leads his own alternative to Beilin's "Geneva Misunderstandings," and in some ways the proposals by Ayalon are even worse than Beilin's.  They were formulated together with Palestinian terrorist Sari Nusseebeh – see  - and are so anti-Jewish that even the UN's Kofi Annan backed them. 


    Ayalon is one of the worst advocates of Israel hastily capitulating its way to peace and annihilation.   It is doubtful there is any Israeli appeasement Ayalon would not celebrate.  And that is why I think a nice stay in a British prison would be the appropriate lesson in life for such a person.  Let him see first hand just how his own appeasement efforts produced anti-Semitism and the desire by anti-Semites for a Second Holocaust, instead of peace. 


    On May 9, 2000, just before he started drawing his generous military pension, Comrade Ayalon proudly proclaimed that the PLO is today fighting against the HAMAS far more effectively than Israel ever had, an astonishing admission that might in and of itself have justified his court martial. He likes to rant on about the cancerous threat to Israeli democracy from having people criticize Oslo and government policies. He supports judicial activism. He proudly declares himself a "bleeding heart" (yafe nefesh) who cannot abide the idea of Israel ruling over "another nation", although the threat that this other nation seeks to perpetrate a second Holocaust against Jews does not seem to disturb his sleep. He declares he "is a great believer in the New Middle East vision of Shimon Peres," which means he is blind as a bat and dumb as an log. His fear of violence in the future is confined to "violence" by settlers being forced to submit to ethnic cleansing to appease the PLO, not from Arab terrorists and armies. He celebrates the fact that Israelis today are supposedly far more aware of the "crimes and injustices" Israel committed against the po' Palestinians, making them more sensitive (meaning, less likely to resist Oslo national suicide).

   Ayalon was already targeted by the Dutch Eurotrash a couple of years back ( for "war crimes" and for "torture."  Never mind that Ayalon is far better known for appeasing Palestinians than torturing them and has never heard of a terrorist demand to which he does not wish to capitulate.

    Now the Israeli far Left has long been lobbying European anti-Semites to arrest and try Israeli public figures as "war criminals."   The campaign to get Ayalon arrested in the UK is being led by an ex-Israeli communist named Daniel Machover.  In some cases Israeli officers were prevented from entering European countries lest they be arrested, thanks to the campaigns of vilification by Israeli far leftists against them. Consider the malicious campaign of Israel-hating and Norman-Finkelstein-shilling lecturer Neve Gordon from Ben Gurion University against his own army officer Aviv Kochavi (see this ). General Kochavi had to cancel plans to study in Britain thanks to Gordon's false slanders against him.

    The idea that far leftists themselves are now being targeted by the Eurotrash Israel bashers is truly delicious. Indeed, if this new trend continues, it could save Israel from destruction. Let's send the entire leadership of Meretz, Gush Shalom, Betselem, and Ben Gurion University to Holland or the UK and let the local jihadocracy there indict them all as war criminals!  It just might produce peace!


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