Monday, March 01, 2010

My Purim Costume

My Purim Costume in photos attached (I am dressed as Naomi Chazan with the New Israel Fund horn stuck to her forehead)
Sorry to be such a pest this holiday, but you all must realize that I wait all year long for Purim, the only holiday where I can let my inner silly out!  So I can't resist one last Purim posting.
Attached you can see me dressed for Purim as Naomi Chazan.  Just to remind you, the Zionist students from the IM Tirtzu student group made a poster of Chazan with a horn stuck in her forehead to represent the New Israel Fund.  The Hebrew word for fund is the same as that for horn.  As you recall, Chazan and her leftist amen chorus all denounced the students for what they claimed was an anti-Semitic representation of Chazan (due to the horn).
The second of the two photos contains a pair of, what shall we call these, pluttucks.  On one buttuck it says in Hebrew "Naomi Chazan's Urim" and on the other it says "Naomi Chazan's Tumim."   Since everyone read the Torah portion just a few hours before Purim began about the Urim and the Tumim, I assumed it was fresh in everyone's mind.
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