Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Nazi Murderer Booster of the Corrie Family




Ernst Kirchweger was murdered in Vienna on March 31, 1965.  Almost 70 at the time, he had been a sailor in the Austro-Hungarian navy in World War I, and a Vienna socialist and then a communist after that.  He was stronly anti-Nazi and spent time in a concentration camp during World War II.   In 1965, he participated in a demonstration in Vienna against a notorious local anti-Semitic professor, one Taras Borodajkewycz.  During the demonstration, Kirchweger was attacked and brutalized by a Neo-Nazi thug named Gunther Kumel (with the umlauts, he spells it Günther Kümel).  Kirchweger (his last name means the weg of the church) died three days after the attack and Kumel spent ten months in prison for assault.  25,000 people attended Kirchweger's funeral.


So what became of the Nazi thug Gunther Kumel?   The answer is that the very same Kumel is now an active Holocaust Denier and Neo-Nazi crank, spreading his filth about the web.  Kumel  has published a few of his items in English, including  "The Myth of German Culpability," as well as web articles hailing Hitler as both a great leader and as a poor victim of persecution.  Kumel has been involved in some fire bombing incidents, and there are several entries that mention him and his violence in the German Wikipedia.


Three weeks ago, Kumel decided to make Rachel Corrie his personal cause.  Kumel writes sometimes for the American Neo-Nazi Holocaust Denial web site ""  That site is run by shlock radio announcer Jeff Rense, who divides his time between Holocaust Denial and chasing UFOs.   The web site is one of the major Neo-Nazi sites in the world.  It routinely carries articles insisting that no Jews were ever murdered at Auschwitz and that the Holocaust is all a hoax invented by Zionists.  The Rense site was until recently the favorite venue of Barry Chamish for publishing his own conspiracy pablum.  Rense features numerous ultra-anti-Semitic columnists, and it is interesting to note that many of these also write for the Far-Leftist pro-jihad Counterpunch web site.  Anti-Semites of a feather….  Rense especially loves Jewish Holocaust Deniers and he currently features British ex-Israeli crackpot, Holocaust-Denier Gilad Atzmon, on his site.


Three weeks ago, Kumel read about my article addressing the parents of Rachel Corrie and attacking them for their "law suit" against Israel.   He read this on a leftist Irish pro-jihad web site called Irish4Palestine.  He then crayoned his own article about this for Rense, and it ran on, and included one of my email addresses.   I then got about 100 crank emails, most of them from subliterates insisting in misspelled pidgin that all Jews would soon be murdered and that Hitler had all the right ideas.  Kumel himself sent me 2 emails, and I responded by promising him that he would soon be sharing a cell with Ernst Zundel (the Neo-Nazi deported from Canada and now in German prison for Holocaust Denial).  Kumel stopped responding after that email.


Kumel's piece on celebrating the Corrie parents and attacking me was picked up and reprinted on dozens of web sites of the Far Left, and of course also on many Arab web sites.


The crank emails were no worse than similar things I have been getting for many years.  The newsworthy parts of this tale include two main points:  1. the identity of a major central player in the Rachel Corrie lobby who happens to be a convicted Neo-Nazi murderer and a Hitler-worshipping crackpot;   and 2. the ease with which anti-Semitic ravings from UFO-obsessed Holocaust Denial web sites of the Nazi Right find their way onto so many leftist web sites and blogs.



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