Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sauce for the Rhino



1.  Sauce for the goose is sauce for the rhino?  A leftwing fascist from the Israeli Meretz party (which now attracts less than 3% of Israeli voters) set up a Facebook group entitles "Im Tirtzu is Fascist," as a gimmick to smear the Zionist student group in Israel, Im Tirtzu.  You may recall that Im Tirtzu issued the now world-famous report exposing the fact that 92% of the anti-Israel smears in the Goldstone Report came from groups financed by the New Israel Fund (NIF).  The head of the New Israel Fund, Naomi Chazan, also from Meretz, has been threatening to sue Im Tirtzu.  Now the heads of Im Tirtzu are threatening to sue the owner of the Facebook group that smears them. 


The story in Hebrew appears here:,7340,L-3861551,00.html



2.  Speaking of the New Israel Fund (NIF), as you recall the Israeli chattering classes soiled themselves in rage when Im Tirtzu and the rest of the non-insane Israeli public expressed condemnation of the fact that the NIF funds countless picayune treasonous groups inside Israel, as its way of destroying Israel from within.  Haaretz, in particular, denounced all those who raised concerns over these groups getting NIF funding from outside Israel, especially since most of NIF's funds come from anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sources.


Well, Haaretz finally found a form of foreign funding of activity inside Israel it wishes to condemn in the shrillest terms.


It is simply aghast that the Americans for a Safe Israel ( are providing funds for prizes for Israeli students who write essays about Zev Jabotinksy.  This is intolerable interference in internal Israeli affairs by a foreign extremist group.  AFSI is extremist in the "minds" of Haaretz editors because AFSI believes Israel has the right to exist and the right to defend itself, things Haaretz editors obviously oppose.   I the opinion of Haaretz, the Israeli mainstream includes people like Gideon Levy, who openly calls for Israel to be exterminated, and Amira Hass, who has never heard of a Palestinian terrorist she does not like.


You can see the Haaretz take for yourself here:   (The Hebrew version was much more shrill in calling AFSI names, insisting it was aligned with Eretz Yisrael Shlema extremists, which it is not). 



3.  On the other hand, Israeli leftist fascism took a hit this past week and suffered an important loss.  The Israeli Supreme Court actually came out for democracy and open government.


    The case involved one Elitzur Segel, who was prosecuted by the Israeli Attorney General because he wrote some things that the latter did not like.  For those who mistakenly are of the impression that Israel has freedom of speech, Segel, who is active in Moshe Feiglin's group "Manhigut Yehudit," published an opinion piece, whose language was a bit overheated.  The Attorney General prosecuted Segel for the crime of "insulting a public figure."  Israel is probably the only democracy on earth where insulting a public official is a crime.  In 2004 Segel published an article in which he accused the Chief Rabbi of the army at that time, General Israel Weiss, of acting as an accomplice to murder, incest and violating the Sabbath, this against the refusal of Weiss to come out more strongly against the use of the army to expel Jewish "settlers" from the Gaza Strip.  Segel noted that in Rabbinic law the punishments for these offenses includes stoning to death.  The last sentence is simply a factually correct assertion.  Segel was also angry that Weiss had not issued a Rabbinic ruling that soldiers must refuse orders to evict other Jews from their homes.  I am not sure what the incest sentence referred to. 


    Anyways, Israeli leftists can call for Israel to be exterminated, can cheer on mass murders of Jews, can deny that Jews are even a people, can claim that the Zionists invented the "false claim" that six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust (and if you think I am making up the fact that some say that – you are wrong), can claim that Israeli Jews are not Jews at all but Khazar imposters, and that is all protected speech.  But if Segel "insults" the Chief Rabbi of the Army, that is a crime.  Of course, when Haaretz itself runs venomous defamations of the same Chief Rabbi of the army, that is always protected speech.


     To get to the point, Segel also insists that the Attorney General is attempting to suppress freedom of speech for right-wingers while refusing to prosecute left-wingers who call for treason, violence, and worse.  To prove his point, he petitioned to get 1860 documents from the Attorney General on other cases, mainly on other cases where the prosecution decided NOT to indict leftists.  The Attorney General refused to turn over the documents. 


     Now as a side note, Israel is supposed to have a freedom of information act, except that it is a law whose main function is to deny Israelis access to information.  Lest we mislead you, the clauses in the law that prevent Israelis from gaining access to information from the government almost never have anything to do with national security.  We have no problem with military matters being kept hush-hush.  But Israeli public sector offices can pretty much refuse to turn over to citizens information about anything.   A good friend of mine was refused information on why the municipality of Haifa refused to approve for him a commercial enterprise operating on a street where almost every other building has commercial enterprises.  I guess it was just a state secret too sensitive to risk falling into the hands of the Hamas.


      Well, Segel went all the way to the Supreme Court, and he won there in his demand to get access to the documents.  A panel of three Supreme Court judges ordered the Attorney General to comply.  And to make matters even more astounding, one of those three was Chief Justice Dorit Beinisch, whose understanding of the rules of democracy usually differ from yours and mine.. 


      It is one small step for Israeli democracy, but one against step against leftwing suppression of freedom of speech of "right-wingers"!



3.  Israel's treasonous Left:,7340,L-3861765,00.html


4.  State Department behind the Corrie Pogrom:



5.  Here is Yossi Sarid insisting that Israel's radical leftists are not anti-Zionist and treasonous:  This piece by Sarid appears the very same week that Sarid publishes another of his essays in Counterpunch, the anti-Semitic leftwing Neo-Nazi pro-jihad internet rag run by the Stalinist Cockburn brothers.  Here is Yossi jihading on Counterpunch:

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