Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tel Aviv University leftist faculty demand that Germany be more anti-Semitic

Israeli Academics demanding a more anti-Semitic Germany:


Israeli academics insist that Germans be more anti-Israel, call for German sanctions against Israel:


"Beyond this, the weakness of the Palestinians requires strong pressure from the international community. The strong side never relinquishes its position without substantial pressure and indeed, Israel has proven time and time again that it is not ready to act for peace and an end to the occupation without intensive pressure from civil society or various governments abroad....The state of Israel does not deserve prizes for its occupation, racist separation and its war crimes. Only international policy which emphasises (sic) to Israel that violations of international law are not tolerated will succeed in promoting a just peace for all residents of this land."

among signers:

Gadi Algazi  Tel Aviv University
Yehuda Shenhav TAU
Roy Wagner TAU
Anat Matar  TAU
Orly Lubin  TAU

Moshe Zuckerman, TAU
Ofer Neiman  Weizmann Institute



See also:  Israel academics backing the attempt by Berkeley anti-Semites to boycott Israel:


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