Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Munich is More Zionist and pro-Jewish than Tel Aviv University

Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Munich is More Zionist and pro-Jewish than Tel Aviv University

Quick: What is the Difference between the City Officials of Munich, Germany and the Campus Heads of Tel Aviv University?

Answer: The city officials in Munich respect Jews and have a sense of honor and integrity!

To Right, Herr Pappe

In the fall of 2009, Ilan Pappe was scheduled to speak before the Municipality of Munich, Germany. Pappe is best known for his fraudulent invention of a non-existent massacre of Arabs by the Hagana near Haifa in Tantora in 1948, and for other notorious lies. He writes "books'" claiming falsely that Israel carried out "ethnic cleansing" against Arabs in 1948. His most famous fabrication has become known as the Katz Affair, named after the MA student directed by Pappe to invent the Tantora "massacre" in his thesis. Probably the best expose of Pappe's lies and the Tantora fabrication was written by Meyrav Wurmser and can be read here. A full archive that documents the Pappe-Katz fabrication appears here. Pappe resigned form his post at the University of Haifa and has been jihading against the existence of Israel from his new perch in the UK at the University of Exeter.

He openly calls for Israel's annihilation. Once the Munich people found out who and what Pappe is, they cancelled the invitation, disinviting him. The Germans cancelled on grounds that any talk by Pappe would be nothing more than an "anti-Israel propaganda show." Pappe has also long led the campaign for international boycotts against Israel.

The very same Pappe is to be the feautured speaker at a "conference" to be held at Tel Aviv University on April 29,2010, where he will again be calling for a worldwide campaign to boycott Israel. The "conference" is supposedly in memory of Tanya Reinhart, a vicious anti-Israel extremist who died in 2007 and had taught at Tel Aviv University before resigning and moving to Holland. She also openly demanded that Israel be exterminated.

The officials of Tel Aviv University evidently do not have the courage of the Munich Germans. They are refusing to cancel this atrocious anti-Israel propaganda event misrepresented as an academic conference. They are refusing to disinvite Ilan Pappe.

Alongside Pappe, the "conference" will also feature anti-Israel arch-extremists Anat Matar and Rachel Giora, who are faculty members at Tel Aviv University in philosophy and linguistics, respectively. Both are leaders in the "Boycott Israel" movement. Giora, best known for her purple hair which sometimes changes to orange, seems to be conference organizer. She is at right, with a hat on her well-ventilated head.

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