Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Israel to Pay Traitor-Spy Azmi Bishara "Knesset Severance Pay"



1.  Ok, I realize most of you think I make up these stories, since they could not possibly be for real.  And the few of you who still think the stories I report are true are going to have your doubts when I tell you THIS one!

    You all may recall Azmi Bishara, the Arab pro-terror Knesset Member who is now in hiding because he is wanted by Israel for treason and espionage?  Bishara was passing on to the Hezb'Allah intelligence during the 2006 rocket attacks against me and against the rest of Northern Israel, helping the terrorists aim their rockets at us. 


   Well, Israel is about to give Bishara about 200,000 NIS in severance pay for having left the Knesset.  For the average Israeli, that is about three years worth of salary.  Knesset members get special one-time allotments to assist them with the difficult transition from paid idleness to the non-parliamentary way of life. 


The news story in Hebrew appears here: http://www.themarker.com/tmc/article.jhtml?ElementId=skira20070605_867214


The Knesset mavens insist there is no legal way for Israel NOT to pay the traitor Bishara his severance pay.  This payment can be added to those survivorship benefits that Israel's National Insurance Institute (like Social Security) pays to the family members of dead Arab terrorists for Darwin Awards or in case you are collecting Guiness Records of human stupidity. .



2.  Ok, you still have not dismissed me as an inventor of fiction?  Let's see if your naïve trust survives this one?


Remember Tali Fahima?   The pro-terror ultra-leftist communist Jewish woman who did jail time because she assisted her Palestinian terrorist boyfriend plan terror attacks against Jews?  Where dozens of far-leftist Israeli academics signed petitions supported her and nominating her for a Nobel Prize?   [After she got out of prison, the terrorist dumped her and she retaliated against the jilter by accusing him of being a Shin Bet agent.]


Well, she is back in the news this week, alas this one again only in Hebrew: http://www.mako.co.il/news-military/security/Article-b25bae4e2f79421004.htm


In an interview with her, when she is dressed in an Arab kaffiya (a bit strange since that is male clothing for Arabs and sort of makes her into an Arab cross-dresser – see her photo here http://img.mako.co.il/2009/05/16/39284.jpg ), she declares that  she has now officially joined the "Islamic Movement" (a Hamas front group) led by Israeli jihadist Sheikh Raad Salah, and states that she plans to marry a Moslem so that they can have together little Moslem children who will grow up to battle against the Zionist entity.  If I see the interview in English, I will post it in full.


  (Sheikh Salah spoke two years back at the University of Haifa to a lecture room from which all Jewish students were barred from entering and called on Arab students to become suicide bombers.) 

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