Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Stench coming from Tel Aviv University Continues to Grow


1.   Tel Aviv University psychology professor, the far leftist Carlo Strenger, seems to be acting as the button man for TAU President Joseph Klafter.  Strenger has a long track record of promoting far leftist opinion, especially in Haaretz, and is on record opposing freedom of speech for non-leftists because exercising it by non-leftists is McCarthyism and "incitement."  Isracampus has a lot on Strenger, but here is something representative:


Anyway, Strenger has an Op-Ed on the Hebrew Haaretz site tonight (can be read at  It attacks Tel Aviv University Governor Mark Tanenbaum and denies Tanenbaum's claims that TAU President Klafter had interfered with the rights of Governors to debate their resolution or vote on it, as reported in the Jerusalem Post here:   . 


Strenger in his piece claims he was present and Tanenbaum's account is all fictional.  Strenger goes on to provide a toady endorsement of Shlomo Sand, in which he denies that Sand's book has anything anti-Israel or anti-Semitic in it, insisting that Sand simply wants Israel to live in peace.  Naturally Strenger also denies that any TAU professors ever indoctrinate students or harass non-leftist students.  Strenger claims that the media misunderstood what Dershowitz said in his speech, and that Dersh's comments about bullying professors from the Left were actually referring to professors in the US and not to any at TAU.  That should give Dershowitz a great belly laugh!  Strenger says that there have only been 140 student complaints about faculty member mistreatment of students at TAU deriving from political bias, and 140 is tiny as a percent of the entire student body, proving there is no serious problem with leftist professors mistreating TAU students.  


Whether Klafter is behind Strenger's trashing of Tanenbaum and toady piece is unclear. 


Strenger's piece has not yet appeared in or been translated into English, and even the Hebrew piece is only on the web site and not in print Haaretz today.  For what it is worth, almost all the "talkbacks" on the web page are ferociously anti-TAU.  








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