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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Flotilla





2.  The media have been filled with reports on student demonstrations at Israeli universities today that SUPPORT the army operation regarding the Gaza flotilla.  Some leftist media are claiming that a demonstration of Arab students supporting the flotilla and Hamas at the University of Haifa was forcibly suppressed by police and the university.  Except I was there and saw the pro-Hamas demonstrators demonstrating freely.  True, a large group of Jewish students then turned out and sang Hatikva loudly and the Arab students then moved indoors, maybe to get away from the song.  One police officer was light wounded by the Arab students and the press claim two Arab students were arrested. 


Now in this report on the protests in Hebrew at http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3897359,00.html



It reports that Zionist student demonstrations took place at several universities to support the Gaza flotilla operation, but at Ben Gurion University the students stood and shouted, "Neve Gordon, Resign!"  (see also photo of BGU protest on that web page)


The shortened and sanitized English YNET version (which follows) deleted the references to the Ben Gurion University protest and chant: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3897437,00.html


Students protest in support of IDF

(Video) 'After seeing lecturers at anti-Israel protest, I decided to show we are Zionists,' says Beersheba student
Ahiya Raved

VIDEO - Hundreds of students protested Tuesday at Israel's universities in identification with the IDF and its raid on ships bound for Gaza. They waved Israeli flags and called out in favor of Navy commando soldiers.


Just a day has gone by since the raid, but hundreds responded to calls to protest outside the gates of Ben Gurion University in Beersheba and the Technion in Haifa.   

"I expected only about 50 people but many more came," said Avi, a student at Ben Gurion. He asked not to be identified by his full name because "the lecturers at the university are leftists."


Avi said he had organized the protest because "yesterday we felt bad about the protest held by Arab and Bedouin students."


On Monday a small group of leftist demonstrators protested against the IDF at the university. Anat Peretz, a second-year student of Politics and Government said, "After entering the university yesterday I saw some of my lecturers taking part in an anti-Israel rally, and I saw students hang their heads. I decided to show that we are a Zionist campus and spread the word. There have been no curses, racist remarks, or violent acts of any kind."


Ben Gurion's student union asked that protestors keep the peace and maintain an academic atmosphere on campus, and asked both sides to protest democratically.


Meanwhile, at the entrance to the Technion in Haifa more then 300 students participated in a rally supporting the IDF and the state. They waved Israeli flags and held up signs saying, "Justice is with the IDF".


One of the students said the rally was organized at the last minute. "There were a lot of positive responses within a short time. We received support and proved that the Technion and the students are not indifferent," he said.


At Haifa University two opposing groups gathered, one of Arab students supporting the passengers of the flotilla, and the other of Jewish students supporting the IDF and denouncing the Arab protest. Police say officers are providing a barrier between the two groups, and no violent occurrences have been reported.


Ilana Curiel contributed to this report




3.  The US today carried out a targeted assassination of the terrorist head of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.  In their assassination, they also killed the terrorist leader's wife, children, and grandchildren.  Mustafa al-Yazid was considered number three in al-Qaeda.


Strangely, the media are not whining that the US used disproportionate force.  The UN is not denouncing the US for being an apartheid fascist state for the assassination.  The UN is not appointing a commission of investigation, with a Goldstone or a Falk.  American professors are not calling for world boycotts of the US.  No "peace flotillas" were sent to help al-Qaeda in Pakistan.  American campuses are not proposing to name streets after the dead terrorist.  American social security is not paying benefits to his family.  European cities are not proclaiming American Apartheid Week.  Obama is not demanding that the appropriate response to the killing is to halt construction activity in Georgetown.  No one is proposing turning Philadelphia over to al-Qaeda now as a peace gesture. 


Could any of this have to do with the fact that the killing was not done by Israel?


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