Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Wicked Witch of the Mideast




The Wicked Witch of the Mideast

You will have to forgive Hearst White House journalist Helen Thomas. She just has not been the same ever since that house fell on her sister and Dorothy refused to hand over the ruby slippers!




2.   One of my list members asked what Israel should do if a boat came into Gaza port carrying President Obama.   I responded that Israel should board the ship peacefully and then send Obama back home to Kenya.



3.    On anti-Semitic Counterpunch web site, Neve Gordon (politics, BGU) gives HIS version of Israeli patriotic student protests (and misrepresents himself as a professor)


Full item at




Pro-government students interviewed in the press said they were 'shocked to see faculty members, together with students from the left and Arab students shouting slogans against Israel'. Their classmates posted pictures of the protests on Facebook, asking likeminded students to 'identify their classroom "friends"'.


A Facebook group was created to call for my resignation: by the end of the day more than 1000 people had joined. As well as hoping that I die and demanding that my family be stripped of our citizenship and exiled from Israel, members of this Facebook group offer more pragmatic suggestions, such as the need to concentrate efforts on getting rid of teaching assistants who are critical of the government, since it is more difficult to have me – as a tenured professor – fired.


What is troubling about these pro-government students is not that they are pro-government, but the way they attack anyone who thinks differently from them, along with their total lack of self-criticism or restraint.




4.  Those peaceful activists:



5.  The M/V Rachel Corrie has been renamed.  It is now "Pancake Boat".

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