Thursday, July 22, 2010

Israel Jails another Hero for Doing his Job



   Israel is a dangerous place for patriots and heroes because the entrenched Left in the Prosecutor's Office and in the Courts likes to jail heroes and patriots.  The Bedouin soldier jailed for hitting an ISM "Solidarity" terrorist after shooting back at Palestinian terrorists who had opened fire on him was just released from jail after serving his time.  (see )  The farmer Shai Dromi was eventually freed from threat of being jailed after he shot Arab thieves who had illegally entered his property to steal his sheep.  The Attorney General had wanted Dromi prosecuted for murder because he defended himself against Arab thieves.   See this:  If he had only shot Jewish thieves, no one would have thought anything of it.  But in post-survivalist Israel one must never shoot Arab criminals.  It violates their rights.  The fact that there was an intensive effort by the Israeli prosecution to go after Dromi tells you all you need to know.


   Which brings us to the gross miscarriage of justice in the case of the heroic police officer Shahar Mizrachi.  He is a great hero of Israel, which is why Miss Judicial Activism, Dorit Beinisch, Israel's Chief Justice, yesterday decided to send Mizrachi to prison for 30 months.  There he will be jailed with common criminals, some of whom he put behind bars.  Let us hope he survives.


   Mizrachi's crime?  He saw a thief in the process of stealing a car and he shot the thief to stop the theft.  The problem was that the thief was an Arab, and, just as the Dromi case already proved, Jews in Israel are not allowed to shoot Arab criminals and thieves (or, for that matter, murderers).   The entire police chain of command backed Mizrachi and insists he acted properly.  He had originally been sentenced by a Haifa court to 15 months in prison for doing his job .   Chief Justice Beinisch just doubled that. 


   Mizrachi is a hero who should have been granted medals of valor and a promotion instead of a prison term.  Other police in Israel will henceforth prefer to let thieves, rapists, and murderers run off scot free rather than risk using force to capture them and then be sent to prison.  After all, in the heat of the moment, police may find it difficult to distinguish between Jewish criminals, whom may be legitimately shot by the Israeli police, and Arab criminals, who enjoy immunity from being shot.   (Arabs by the way are allowed to shoot Jewish criminals, and some who have done so were exempted from prosecution!)


     To avoid being prosecuted for shooting Arab criminals, Israeli police will now prefer to play it safe and just let all criminals of all ethnicities run away, rather than risk using force against a criminal who turns out to be an Arab.  That could explain the near-zero success rate of the Israeli police in solving many categories of crime, like burglaries of homes and stores.


    Meanwhile, I understand that Russian and Jewish criminals and assorted drug addicts have now signed up for Ulpan courses in spoken Arabic, so that, if the Israeli police ever apprehend them in the middle of committing a serious crime, they can toss out a few phrases in street Arabic and then rest assured that the police will turn their backs and allow them to run off.  Maybe even give them a left in the patrol car to their hideouts.



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