Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Send us your Tired, Your Poor, Your Anti-Fence Anarcho-Fascists Yearning to be Free

 Send us your Tired, Your Poor, Your Anti-Fence Anarcho-Fascists Yearning to be Free



   As you know, Israel is awash with Western anti-Semites who are foolishly allowed by the Israeli government to enter the country.  Once here they join the violent hooligans from Israel and abroad who attempt to sabotage Israel's security fence/wall each week, while violently attacking Israeli soldiers and police.  The same pusillanimous government orders the police to coddle the anti-fence stormtroopers treats them with kid gloves.


    Until now I was definitely opposed to allowing these bimbos and thugs into Israel.  But I must say that today I am having second thoughts.  On re-consideration, perhaps there IS some benefit in allowing the "anarcho-fascists" and the "solidarity" protesters to come and riot in Israel against the fence, now that they are being raped by Palestinian "activists." 


   Haaretz today (July 14) reports that our peace partners in the Palestinian Authority are trying to cover up the attempted rape of a Western anti-fence "anarchist" protester by an upstanding Palestinian opponent of the occupation.  The rapist is named (I am not making this up) Omar Aladdin, from a village near Bethlehem.  The story in Hebrew is here: .   Young Aladdin decided to rub something more than his lamp, when he saw an American Moslem chick who went by the name of Fegin, I guess named after the Dickens' character. 


   It seems that Aladdin was foolishly released by Israel from being hosted in one of its establishments for convicted terrorists.  Like in the Sopranos, his first thought on leaving prison was to get himself some female anatomy, and he did not seek it in the form of a genie djinn inside a bottle.  He told a group of Western gyno-anarchists rooming in his village that he needed to be hidden from the Israeli police.   So they decided to offer him  accommodations in their village hostel rooms. 


    Now I must tell you that way back in my bachelor days I tried to come up with imaginative one-liners, generally unsuccessfully, that could get me into the living quarters and the trousers of pretty young anarchist women, but I never was clever enough to come up with "The Shin Bet is after me!"


   Anyways, it worked.  And in the middle of the night young Aladdin decided to rape the American Moslem girl of the bunch.  The peaceniks of the Palestinian Authority then threatened all sorts of unpleasant consequences to young Fegin if she attempted to press charges or publicize the attempted rape.  Haaretz adds that this is NOT the first rape or attempted rape of Western gyno-anarchists by Palestinian progressives opposed to the occupation.  The homes in the villages where the "Solidarity" babes spend the night before throwing rocks at the Jews attract large numbers of horny Palestinian villagers, who rarely get to see the female form when it is not being hidden behind bulky robes and scarves.


    Me?  I say let's import whole bus loads of anarchist anti-Semitic women and send them out to the Palestinian villages in thong bikinis!!  Ditto for all the women on the Gaza flotilla ships. 

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