Monday, July 12, 2010

The Treason at Haaretz Escalates



1.   I would like to ask for your assistance in shutting down Haaretz for treason.  I would like to ask you to write to Israel's Minister of Justice and Attorney General with the request that Haaretz be immediately indicted for treason, in light of the fact that it ran the following article today, July 12, 2010:


And especially due to this segment of the said article:


'So when I speak about Gilad Shalit, for example, I call him "the captive Israeli soldier." That's right. Captive and not abducted, which is the term they try to feed the public here. In Israel, they prefer to forget, or deliberately try to make others forget, that Shalit was not abducted. He was taken captive as a soldier in a military operation carried out against an army, in the context of the Palestinian national struggle against the decades-long Israeli occupation. That basic fact turns the act into a legitimate one, carried out by a people fighting for its national liberation.'


The author of the article should be immediately stripped of Israeli citizenship and deported to Gaza.


You can fax the Minister of Justice, Prof. Yaakov Neeman,  at  972 -2-6285438


And email him at



Faxes can be sent to the Attorney General at 972-2-6467001


With copies sent to the Director General of the Ministry:  Dr. Guy Rotkopf, Adv.

Fax 972 - 2-6287757


Copies can also be sent to the Spokesman for the Minister:  972-2-6466722   


Hard mail address:  POV 49049, Jerusalem, 91490 Israel


At the very least, Israel should offer to swap the writers and staff of Haaretz, along with their families, for Gilad Shalit.


But I fear there is little danger that the writer of the above or his editor will be prosecuted.  After all, they did not express doubt as to whether it is healthy for children to grow up with two homosexual parents.



2. Yesterday, a large ad appeared in Haaretz, of all places, placed by a team of 14 Governors from Tel Aviv University, calling upon Israel's Minister of Education to act against Israel's tenured traitors and especially against academic faculty members calling for world boycotts of Israel. The ad also backed the Im Tirtzu student organization.  The usual swarm of loudmouthed leftist academics seem to be is shock and they are strangely silent about this fantastic development.   The ad, in both English and Hebrew, is attached to this message as an attachment.



Tel Aviv University – Rachel Giora (Dept of Linguistics) still Flying on her Boycott-Israel Broomstick, using Tel Aviv University funding



Ben Gurion University - Haggai Ram continues to serve his Iranian Masters; reported by UAE newspaper


5.  About US Jews who want to "criticize" Israel:,7340,L-3917694,00.html


6. Poor Benjamin Franklin:


7.  Well, the big archeological news in Israel is the finding of a clay "letter" from Jerusalem from the Canaanite era, BEFORE the City was taken from the Jebusites by King David: see


'Researchers said the fragment shows that Jerusalem was an important city in the late Bronze age, even before it became the capital of the Jewish state and the city in which the Holy Temple was built.'


You realize what this means?   The entire History Department at Tel Aviv University will now insist that the authors of the text were Palestinian Arabs whose nationhood goes back 16 centuries, when ancient Arafats and Abbas were preparing falafel as their ancient national dish.  And two-thirds of the faculty members at Ben Gurion University will sign a petition denouncing David Son of Jesse as an imperialist occupier, as a war criminal.  And Ben Gurion University will officially join the Solidarity with Amalek movement!


8.  See talkback Number 1 here:,7340,L-3917692,00.html


Meanwhile, little Neve Gordon is now claiming that there are only three Israelis who support world boycotts against Israel.  I assume what he means is only three in his own bathtub.


It is not surprising that only three professors in Israel openly support a boycott; many others are in the closet because supporting BDS is not considered a legitimate critique, and people who back it risk being punished…. In a sense, the need for a boycott is a sign of weakness following the polarisation (sic) and marginalisation (sic) of the left in Israel. We are witnessing the development of a proto-fascist mindset. I am, for example, extremely anxious about the extent that the space for public debate in Israel is shrinking.


One of the ways of silencing dissent is through the demand for loyalty, so that a slogan you hear a lot now is "no citizenship without loyalty". This reflects the inversion of the republican idea that the state should be loyal to the citizen and is accountable for inequities and injustices.


Yet there is also a sense that the pro-government proponents have gone too far. They are not only targeting people on the far left, but practically everyone who is even slightly critical of government policies. A couple of months ago a high-school principal who objected to military officers coming in to speak to his pupils, was all but crucified.




9.  Here is some REAL academic freedom:


Nurit Greenger



Sunday, July 11, 2010


The Honorable Gideon Sa'ar, Minister of Education

Shivtei Yisrael 34

Jerusalem, Israel

Fax: +972-(0)2-649-6578 and +972-(0)2-560-2246



Shalomit Amichai

Director General of the Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

Kiryat Ben Gurion, Jerusalem


Dear Mr. Sa'ar

For a long time we have been following, from the USA, with much trepidation, the very unfortunate development of an Israeli academia 5th column phenomenon.  This disastrous phenomenon appears to have no boundaries, until, as it appears, its participants see the demise of the Jewish state that pays their salaries.

We understand that following the organization Im Tirtzu report, you are going to take measures to fight, correct and even stop this phenomenon.  We wish to support and applaud your stance.

You have made a public statement that it is "unacceptable" for Israeli academics to call for an academic boycott on their own country.  We agree with you completely.  As for your further statement that you have already spoken about this matter with the chair of the Committee for Planning and Budgets in the Council for Higher Education (CHE) and you will move on this issue with heads of institutions, we support this development as well.

In today's news, 500 Israeli academics demand the right to boycott themselves and their own institutions.  We, the supporters of Israel, demand to combat any element in Israel that call to boycott the state, or deny the Jewish people the right to their land.

As Israel's minister of education, it is your job to put order into what we see as acts of treason among Israeli academia.

Please do not cave in under the pressure of those who threaten to counter act your proposed measures.

Let those who oppose your actions resign.  They can be replaced with good Israeli citizens of equal academia qualifications.

This type of 5th column must end before too many Israeli young minds lose the perspective of what is good citizenship, nationalism and know right from wrong.

We support to make it illegal for any person paid tax payer's money to speak or do anything against the state.  In America we call such behavior a conflict of interest or misappropriation of funds.

You have our full support to take all the required measures to stop Israeli academia members from propagating, inside Israel and from abroad, to boycott the state.  This is unheard of in any nation on earth.

Please accept our signatures in agreement with the letter's wording and context.

Yishar Koach!


Signed by:

*Nurit Greenger, Los Angeles, California USA

*Ari Bussel, Los Angeles California USA

*Ilana Kadosh, Los Angeles, Israel

*Denis Bieber, Los Angles, California USA

*Ed Katz, Prescott, Arizona USA

*Violet Saidi, West Los Angeles, California USA

*Perry Birman, Florida USA

*Rachel Lipsky, New York USA

*Aggie Hoffman, Esq., Los Angeles, California USA

*Madeline Brooks, NYC, New York USA

*Hannah Weinberg, USA

*Lance Silver, USA

*Luceil Friedman, North Carolina USA

*Bill Narvey, Calgary, Canada

*SHmuel HaLev, Carmiel, Israel

*Pablo Siegal, San Antonio, Texas USA

*Eleanor Siegal, San Antonio, Texas USA

*Helen Feldman, MSCCC USA

*Yaakov (Jack) Golbert, Israel

*Josh First, Harrisburg, PA USA

*David A. Smith, Jerusalem, Israel

*Susanne Reyto, Los Angeles, California USA

*Robert Reyto, Los Angeles, California USA

*Matthew Miller Western New York District, Co-Director Christians United for Israel

*Shlomo Yrachmiel Elias, Efrat, Gush Etzion Israel

*Thomas Golbert, Princeton, New Jersey USA

*André Strydom MMus, LTCL, Pine Bluff, AR USA

*Hilary Friedland, Melbourne Australia

*Prof. Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph, South Africa

*Prof. Michael Rudolph, South Africa

*Natalie Rudolph-Altman, South Africa

*Rabbi Jonathan Altman, South Africa

*Sara Rudolph- Bronstein, South Africa

*Chaim Bronstein, South Africa

*Tamar Rudolph-Levin, South Africa

*Menachem Zvi Levin, South Africa

*Devorah Nisi Rudolph, South Africa

*Evelyn Zaidel, South Africa

*Russell Gaddin, Israel

*Batsheva Gaddin, Israel

*Menahem Yachad, Pnei Hever, Israel

*Bernard "Buddy" Macy, New Jersey USA

*Dr. Norman L. Weinberg, Executive Coordinator Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project

*Malvina Malinek OAM (M.Sc.) Melbourne, Australia

*Lila S. Eisenberg, Efrat, Israel

*Stephen Lipworth, Houston, TX USA

*George Adamowicz, Brighton, Vic., Australia

*Isabella Adamowicz, Brighton, Vic., Australia

*LiAna ליענה Baruch, Los Angeles, California USA

*Lance Silver, USA

*Carole Couzens, Margate, NJ USA


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