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1.   KKKlafter:


While bragging about muzzling his own Board of Governors, denying THEM freedom of speech, TAU President Joseph Klafter pretends to favor freedom of speech, attacks Mark Tanenbaum:


No freedom of speech for governors!


As ruckus in Israel continues, KKKlafter (TAU Prez) brags about Muzzling his own Governors



'During the last meeting of the board of trustees a few months ago, some of the members raised a suggestion to hold back the promotion of lecturers who support the academic boycott of Israel, or even to dismiss them. I didn't allow a discussion on the issue. Even though I am opposed to any kind of boycott, I believe it's the right of lecturers to express their points of view even if it annoys me ....


'One of the donors told me I wouldn't receive donations if I continued to support the right of these lecturers to freedom of expression. I told him that yes the university needed money but accepting his point of view would be tantamount to shattering the very basis on which all academic institutions are founded. This donor decided to donate to another institution. Beyond that, it's hard to know if there has been a decrease in donations because of this attitude, since the world economic crisis also has an effect.'




Ben Gurion University officials mooing against Im Tirtzu:

Suddenly they are concerned that boycotting Israeli institutions is "anti-Zionist," except that BGU has a policy of hiring "academics" whose only credential is that they are anti-Zionist and support boycotts against Israel.   The Bolsheviks at Haaretz are also suddenly mooing about the need for "pluralism," everywhere but at Haaretz:


The great irony is that Im Tirtzu never even called for boycotting or denying contributions to Ben Gurion University.  Instead they called for donors to put donations into escrow and release them to the university only after it fixed the problem of Bolshevik anti-Israel indoctrination in the classroom.



Ben Gurion University anti-Israel leftists continue to crawl out of their case:,7340,L-3938500,00.html  

Neve Gordon's "Women's Studies" Sidekick Nitza Berkowitch at BGU bleats about "McCarthyism"   Gordon's fascist SLAPP suit does not violate her ideas of freedom of speech. 


Thou Shalt not Criticize the Anti-Israel Left!!


'In recent months, we have witnessed an unprecedented attack on Israel's academic freedom. Organizations such as Im Tirtzu and the Institute for Zionist Strategies publish more and more ephemeral reports that classify s course curricula, researchers, conventions and research work, designating them as legitimate or not. Anyone who fails to toe the line with what they define as the "Zionist consensus" is labeled as "illegitimate" and hence has no place in academia, in their view.'



2.  Striking back at the Wikipedia's  entrenched anti-Semites:


3.  Posted on professors chat list (by me):  Imaginary vs Real McCarthyism

Without a doubt the funniest part of the current uproar over the IZS report on sociology and the Im Tirtzu challenge to Ben Gurion University is the Haaretz editorial denouncing "Politruks." At first I was sure that Haaretz was using the term as a form of compliment. After all, I doubt that one can find in the Western world a daily newspaper so monolithically one-sided and anti-pluralistic and proud of its bias. Haaretz is about as pluralistic as was Pravda back in the days of Brezhnev. If a politruk operates anywhere in Israel, it is at Haaretz.

But regarding the issues themselves, it is high time to end the McCarthyist attacks by tenured leftists against critics of the Left.

It is time to stop pretending that we are unaware of how many departments are entirely dominated by far-leftist anti-Israel radicals.

It is time we stop pretending we are unaware of the monolithic one-sided anti-Israel indoctrination being conducted in many sociology and political science courses, indoctrination differing little from North Korean "re-education" camps. The "Sociology of the Occupation" course by Yuval Yonay at the University of Haifa (see ) is a notorious illustration, as are all the courses taught by Yehouda Shenhav or Neve Gordon (the latter's articles are so openly anti-Semitic that they run on Holocaust Denial web sites and Gordon is now a columnist for the Iranian state newspaper), just to mention a few examples. The IZS report, which was written by the way by a bona fide academic researcher (in contrast with the pronouncements by Yossi Ben Artzi and others), was not the first documentation of bias in Israeli sociology departments. See also this:,%2016%20(2004).pdf That writer is also a bona fide academic researcher.

Prof. Ben Artzi, a founder of Peace Now, denounces the IZS for having a "political agenda." Why is their having an agenda less legitimate than Peace Now having one? One would think that finding himself in agreement with Micah Leshem would be more than enough to induce Ben Artzi to reconsider his position.

Meanwhile Rivka Carmi of BGU is denouncing Im Tirtzu and IZS for supposedly calling for restricting hiring at universities to those who share their pro-Israel political ideology. But the reality, visible to all, is that BGU already hires numerous faculty members entirely on the basis of their anti-Israel ideology, people with publication records consisting largely or exclusively of anti-Israel hate propaganda. There are numerous examples. In other words, the existing system at BGU politicizes hiring and seeks out faculty members whose main and often only credential is that they are anti-Israel. Hiring at BGU is corrupted and subject to political "one friend brings another" hiring, on the basis of leftist anti-Israel solidarity. This does not stop Carmi from moaning about "McCarthyism."

Criticism of anti-Israel radicals is not McCarthyism. Attempts to silence such critics of radicals, to silence critics of academics working for boycotts against Israel and of other tenured traitors – represent the REAL McCarthyism. David Newman's disingenuous and unctuous claims that anti-Israel radical academics are in fact true Zionists because some themselves (like him) made aliya is about as persuasive as claiming that the Moslem soldier who shot up Fort Hood Texas is a patriot and pro-American because he joined the US army.

The plague of academic anti-Israel extremism is far worse than most people know and even worse than most academics are aware. The best web site that documents anti-Israel extremism and politicization in Israeli academia is here:

Why should taxpayers, donors, governors, alumni, journalists and others be prevented from criticizing and denouncing academic anti-Israel extremist activities and tenured sedition? To demand they be silenced is leftwing fascism. The bullying attacks by the tenured against Im Tirtzu students are the most flagrant examples.

It is time to end selective "freedom of speech" and hollow "academic freedom," where one has the right to agree with the radical Left but not the right to disagree with it!

By the way, for those trying to make sense of Micah Leshem's rantings, see this:

PS For the record my undergrad degree was in sociology



4.  The whole world is suddenly bleating about the young woman soldier who posted on her facebook a photo of herself in front of handcuffed suspected terrorists.  The very same people who consider treason and anti-Semitism to be protected speech and part and parcel of academic freedom are suddenly rolling their eyes in horror.  What about the young girl's freedom of speech and artistic expression?

I think she is a hero.  I think she is an artist.  She never laid a hand on the terrorists.  She did not abuse them.  Suddenly the Moonbatocracy is whining that photographing a terrorist violates his human rights.  Sorry, I meant an "activist" and a "militant."  The only people who have no human rights are the Jews murdered by the "militants."  And when they get murdered, THEY get their photos taken!


5.  The same Moonbatocracy, joined by Bibi's wife, are whining about Israel deporting foreign workers whose visas have expired or who do not have any visa.  How dare Israel enforce its visa laws like every other country on earth.  SHAS' Eli Yishai (Minister of Interior), whose pronouncements are getting more and more Plautian in ring, asked people to send boxes of tissues to Sarah Netanyahu, and described his deportation of the illegals as workers having to tell there kids that our vacation trip is over so we are going back home.

Want to know what the Moonbats are NOT whining about?  From the WSJ: 

France Prepares to Deport Foreign Gypsies


PARIS—France is preparing to deport hundreds of foreign Gypsies as part of a drive to clamp down on lawbreaking by Roma, Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said Tuesday.

The deportations, scheduled to start Thursday, follow the dismantling of 51 illegal camps—set up by Roma of eastern origin and by other Gypsies, including French citizens—over the past three weeks. Around 700 of the people expelled from their camps who were staying in France illegally will be flown home to Central and Eastern Europe, he said.

"We are not stigmatizing a community, but making people respect the law," Mr. Hortefeux said in a speech in Toulon, southern France.







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