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Mutilation Vogue



1.       So let us see if we have this straight.   A professor may not express dissent in Israel and disagree with the politically correct canon when it comes to opinions about the wisdom of gay couples raising children.  But a male professor can have a sex change operation and then return to class as a "female" without being institutionalized as a lunatic. 

 The story in detail about this Israeli academic "he" mutilating himself to pretend to be a "she" follows below.  This is actually the third story in recent weeks involving people getting "sex change surgery," as it is foolishly and erroneously called.  This past spring Ben Gurion University gave a university honorary PhD award to one such person.  (see )

Then we reported the Reform synagogue in Berkeley that hired a woman who had undergone "sex change" mutilation to serve as a "male" and a "rabbi" there. 

And now we have this new story.

I have been meaning to comment on the entire topic of "sex change" mutilations, especially from a Jewish point of view.   More generally, I think one of the most significant developments in leftist wackiness has been the adding of the "T" to the "LGBT" (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) mantra by the politically correct stormtroopers.  Anyone seeking to discredit the LGB's from that acronym could not come up with a better way to do so than by adding the "T".   I am amazed that homosexual activists do not violently reject associating themselves with the "T".

And meanwhile mutilation of people so they can pretend to be from the opposite sex continues to be promoted in the media.   It is hard to turn on television without running across "transgendered" freaks being celebrated, or without Dr. Phil and his ilk lecturing us on how "normal" such people are.  Israeli media promote the "T" nonsense by celebrating "Dana International" and even featuring him/her/it on the local Israeli version of American Idol.

 If someone were to come to a surgeon and request to have his pinky toe chopped off for absolutely no compelling medical reason, he would be directed to a psychiatrist or institutionalized in an asylum.   Any surgeon performing such surgery would be indicted for aggravated assault, and properly so.  If someone came to a medical doctor and claimed he was actually a dolphin or tree frog trapped inside a human body and wanted to be released by being transformed surgically, he would be similarly institutionalized.  So why are we inundated with media idiocy about "men trapped inside women's bodies" and vice versa?  And why are the surgeons who perform these mutilations not in prison?   Most of the world is horrified at the thought of "female circumcision," but this is infinitely worse.

There is no such thing as a man trapped inside a woman's body (or vice versa).  The mere suggestion that there IS insults our collective intelligence.   We may feel sympathy for people suffering from such delusions, but that is no reason to pander to them.  We do not deal with mental patients who believe that they are Napoleon by mutilating them surgically to look like Napoleon.

Things are even more severe from a Jewish viewpoint.  Judaism regards even tattooing the body as an abomination.  Those with damaged or mutilated genital parts are prohibited from entering the Temple or participating in its ritual (as are even peoplewho have an oozing sore), the synagogue being the contemporary continuation to that ritual.   And THAT is when the injury is involuntary.   How much more so if mutilation is done intentionally by the mutilated!

Now it is no secret that I dissent from the entire politically correct dogma with regard to sexual matters in general.  No, Virginia, there is no "gay gene" and, no, 10% of humans are not homosexual.  Yes, homosexuals are entitled to compassion and protection from violence and discrimination.  No, I have no problem if gay people want to own property together or leave their assets or pensions to one another in inheritance.  But there is no room at all in Judaism for a Jewish "gay marriage."  As for secular "gay marriage," Dina d'malkhuta Dina, the law of the land in which Jews live is the law.   Jews should stay out of political battles over it being fought among non-Jews.   They should certainly repudiate the attempt by the Reform synagogue movement to misrepresent "gay marriage" as the highest ethical imperative of Judaism.

But whatever tolerance and compassion one may feel for homosexuals must not be distorted into endorsements for surgical mutilation of mentally ill people who seek thus to "alter" their gender.


Lecturer to return as woman after summer break

Senior lecturer in leading Israeli university undergoes sex change procedure, informs students he will be returning as woman next semester. 'Everyone has been very supportive,' he/she says
Reuven Weiss

Many students in one of central Israel's leading universities received an e-mail recently from their favorite lecturer, who informed them that "as of next year I will no longer be Dr. Yoav, but Dr. Ronit (not the real names)."


Dr. Yoav, 45, is a senior, esteemed lecturer and married father. During the summer holiday he began a sex change procedure and will be facing his students as a woman in two months time.


He is already addressing himself as a woman. "I am currently calling the students I work with closely to inform them on the matter," she says. "Everyone in my close circle – family, kids and colleagues - already know about it."


Ronit has been working at the university for 10 years. Her employers, she says, have been informed about her plans. "I informed the university several months ago and to my delight they were very supportive," she says.


Her students, too, have encouraged her. "They love taking my classes," she says. "I'm receiving supportive e-mails from students. I don't think it will bother anyone. The student-lecturer dynamic is to the point and my teaching quality will not change, of course."


One of Dr. Ronit's students says the step came as no surprise. "Despite the masculine appearance, once he opened his mouth there was no mistaking him," he says.


"We've spoken about it amongst ourselves and everyone is very supportive. I have not heard one person say it bothers or makes any difference to them, quite the contrary. As a lecturer he is very interesting and everyone loved taking his classes. I am certain that will not change now."


2.  Rabbis or Rabbits?

Why "Rabbi" James Ponet belongs in a Tikkun ashram or in a cage.


3.  You may recall the radically anti-Israel Prof. Zev Sternhell, who was the target of a bomb planted in front of his home by the lunatic Jack Teitel.   The whole world was screaming its sympathy for Sternhell, who was lightly injured, and denouncing the Israeli Right for its supposed congenital inclinations towards violence.

Well, the very same professor Sternhell issued a call in Haaretz in English and Hebrew this past Friday for the use of violence and force against the Zionist student group Im Tirtzu.   The call appears here:

The Israeli Far Left is getting more violent and treasonous by the day!


(Apologies for all the typos in the last posting – I am traveling and was using a Dutch keyboard, where the letters are not where they are supposed to be – so it came out with lots of glitches)


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