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Chamish the Younger




Europe's Growing Plague of Anti-Semitism


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5.       For many years I have argued that the one person who has done more than anyone to constrict and to damage the Israeli Right is Barry Chamish.  Because of the failure of too many people in the Israeli Right to disassociate themselves from Chamish's infantile conspiracy "theories," the Right was widely discredited and regarded by mainstream Israelis as a collection of lunatics and fringe deranged troglodytes.  

After all, Chamish's "theories," and not only about the Rabin assassination, were even stupider than those of the "911 Truth" cult in the US (and elsewhere), which argues that the Twin Towers were toppled by controlled explosions inside, placed there by agents of George Bush or of the Jews, and that the 9/11 planes either never hit the WTC towers or were irrelevant for their collapse.  Chamish himself promotes those "theories" of the 911 conspiracists, but of course is better known for his "reports" about UFOs (he finds evidence of them in the Bible!) and for his "theory" that Shin Bet agents really murdered Yitzhak Rabin at the orders of Shimon Peres, while everyone forgot to tell Yigal Amir that he is really innocent and just a "patsy."   Amir, for his part, naively continues to insist that he is guilty of Rabin's murder.

 Chamish's other "theories" are even stupider.  Like Shimon Peres having been the secret lover of Ofra Haza and that Peres gave her AIDS to shut her up.  Or that every traffic fatality in Israel is actually a secret murder plot by Shimon Peres.  Chamish recently circulated to his residual followers his own ode to Eva Braun (really).

Chamish has long maintained intimate ties with anti-Semites of all stripes, from Holocaust Deniers, on whose sites he has published scores of his "articles," to anti-Semitic web sites of the Left, such as that of the Keshet Mizrachi - Democratic Rainbow, which seem to like his Bash-Israel conspiracy nonsense.   Most of Chamish's theories revolve around people who have memberships in the Council on Foreign Relations in the US, the favorite bogeyman of the Neo-Nazi Right there.  "Membership" in the CFR is actually little more than the condition for people to get a subscription to Foreign Affairs magazine, but for conspiracy nuts like Chamish it means they have joined the army of Vatican-led UFO-controlled global "Illuminati." 

Now it turns out that there just could be one person around capable of doing even more damage to Israel and to the Israeli Right than Barry Chamish.

It is the offspring of Barry Chamish.

The Israeli Rightwing newspaper Makor Rishon carried a special news item this past Friday on Ariel Chamish, son of Barry Chamish.  It seems that the younger Chamish (who was raised by his mother) is now a soldier in the IDF and works at the Galei Zahal radio station.

It seems that Israeli leftists are operating through a Facebook group in Hebrew officially defined to defend the New Israel Fund.  There, in the most dramatic language, is a posting by young Ariel cheering on the Arab terrorist murders of Jewish settlers.  He justifies the attacks last week that killed a pregnant woman and her companions because the settlers (supposedly) burn the fields of the Arabs and steal their sheep.  He attributes the murders last week to the obstinacy of the settlers in building homes.   He insists that the "occupied" people are not to blame because they are denied human rights (by the Jews). 

Now ordinarily, the ravings of one more Far-Leftist anti-Israel fruitloop would not be news.  But in this case, Chamish the Younger seems in so many ways to be a chip off the same psychiatrist couch as Chamish the Elder.

If only the Chamishes would just stick to abductions by space aliens….

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