Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Israeli Universities Outraged at Demands that they Behave Ethically

1.  Ah.  Like the smell of napalm, I just love the sound of liberal whimpering in the morning.
Five Jewish liberals were defeated.  Jewish Republican U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) will be the new House Speaker.  Pennsylvania Senator Joe Sestak, who had intimate ties to CAIR and Islamofascism, lost.
2.  We have just seen an advance text leaked from the next issue of Tikkun magazine.  It contains a long article by Michael Lerner, Tikkun editor, denouncing California for abandoning Jewish values.  First of all, Lerner is enraged that California voters rejected legalizing marijuana.  George Soros was among those endorsing the proposed legalization (in the Wall St Journal last week).  Lerner and Tikkun would not only like to make pot legal, but mandatory.  It is already the main form of decoration on Tikkun succahs. 
But then the outgoing Governor of California just changed the ruled regarding the use of welfare debit cards, given to welfare recipients in the state.  From now on, they may not use these to pay for going to see psychics.  Really.  (See )
That was really going to far.  Tikkun editors insist that welfare recipients and everyone else should use psychics.  That, after all, is how Mikey Lerner chooses his own political causes and positions.  
3.  Israeli university officials are wetting themselves in a tantrum.  It seems the Israeli Minister of Education Gideon Saar wants them to adopt an "ethics code."  In it, he wants it to say that faculty members and students will not be victims of discrimination because of their political beliefs.  And by that he means that he wants to make sure that non-leftist faculty and students are no longer victimized.  No one seriously thinks that leftist faculty at Israeli universities suffer any disadvantages.  In fact they RUN the institutions.  Saar also wants to include calls by faculty members for boycotts of Israel and endorsements of attacks against Israel as examples of "unethical behavior."
But that has university honchos up in arms.  How dare Saar attempt to interfere with their longstanding practices of discriminating against non-leftists while hiring and promoting far leftist anti-Israel extremists having no serious academic records?  The tenured Left is screaming that an ethics code will "destroy Israeli academia."  See    How dare anyone suggest professors behave ethically!!  Saar also wants diversity in university departments, by which he clearly means that non-leftist opinion should be heard and not suppressed.
The University heads are proposing instead that each university adopt its OWN ethical code written internally.  You know, codes they have never quite gotten around to formulating over past decades.  But this is absurd.  The officials at Israeli u7niversities, including at Ben Gurion University, Haifa University and Tel Aviv University, have all come out in the past year in OPPOSITION to the rights of critics of tenured Leftists to criticize them.  They demand that such "McCarthyism" be silenced.  They have repeatedly failed to defend the academic freedom of non-leftists on campus.  The firing of the professor at Ben Gurion University who dared to express a heterodox opinion about children being raised by gay couples is only one example.  They have failed to protect freedom of speech within campuses.  They themselves have led smear campaigns against the Im Tirtzu student movement.  They have totally failed to maintain serious academic standards of excellence.  Israeli universities are crawling with extremists who built entire careers upon churning out anti-Israel hate propaganda.  And any "ethical code" the campus heads would adopt would be based first and foremost on defending the rights of radical leftist faculty to collaborate with the enemies of Israel, to call for its destruction, to call for world boycotts against Israel, and to endorse Hamas demands.
4.  You may recall Dror Feiler, the Israeli far-leftist living in Sweden who created a large "sculpture" celebrating the Palestinian woman suicide bomber who murdered 23 people, many of them children, in the Maxim restaurant attack in Haifa.  Feiler's "art" described the murderer as Snow White Pure.  The "art" made news when the local Israeli ambassador heroically trashed it.  Feiler is the poster boy of the radical Israeli Left and a regular contributor to the "ALEF" anti-Semitic chat list operated by the University of Haifa.  His mother is an old-time communist, also an ALEF regular..
Well, it turns out that the very same Feiler was one of the terrorists on that Turkish pro-Hamas flotilla, where Israeli troops were attacked and almost lynched.  And now he is whining that Israel took his saxophone when Israeli troops took control of the flotilla ship away from the terrorists.  See,7340,L-3978738,00.html   He is coming to Israel to file suit for the sax, accompanying his buddy from the Swedish Green Party, a bloke named (and I am not making this up) Mehmet Kaplan.  Feiler should not be confused with that OTHER Israeli expatriate sax player Gilad Atzmon, who is a Holocaust Denier active in the Destroy Israel movement in the UK (see ).
5.   "2 + 2 = 5" is not an "alternative narrative":
6.  Israel's racist Left discovers "racism":

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