Friday, December 03, 2010

Arson near Haifa - (sorry for the many postings)

Whatever the causes of the large Carmel Forest fire near Haifa, it
is now clear that all of the numerous secondary fires in other
locations near Haifa that were set today are Arab terrorist attacks
and were deliberately set.

There were multiple fires set in the industrial zone near Kiryat
Bialik, north of Haifa today, not far from Acre. There were also
fires deliberately set near Tiv'on, Nesher and in other places. This
is a full-fledged ecological terrorist assault against Israeli Jews
being conducted by Israeli Arab terrorists. The leftist media
repeat without question the lies about Jewish "settlers" supposedly
setting fires to Arab orchards in the West Bank, even after Arabs
themselves and leftists have been photographed in the act of setting
those fires as provocations to blame "settlers." These are the same
media playing coy about the causes of all these smaller secondary
fires around Haifa today.

The woman chief of police in Haifa was so badly burned in the fight
against the fire that she is being described as mortally hurt.

If you are watching the newsreels, you saw an hour or two ago Bibi
Netanyahu, together with much of the Israeli cabinet including the
Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Police, giving a press
conference from the campus of the University of Haifa, with the smoke
and flames off in the background. If you look closely at those
newsreels, you will see the building right behind Bibi, and a window
in that building just over Bibi's head, as he speaks. That window is
my office.

So as you can imagine, my big dilemma over the past few hours has
been whether or not to hang a large "Yesha is Here" banner out of my
office building. I also considered shouting out the window down to
Bibi, "But do you have any Grey Poupon?"

The University of Haifa was shut down on Thursday at mid-day. You
realize what this means? It means that on Thursday, because of the
fire, hundreds of University of Haifa students were denied the chance
to listen to anti-Israel leftist indoctrination lectures by their
post-Zionist anti-Israel leftist faculty members!!

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