Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Document Leaks that the Left suddenly Opposes!

We are caring leftist progressives. We believe in openness. We
salute Wikileaks and its chief, Julian Assange. He really taught the
world a lesson. We adore his courage! We oppose the right to secrecy
of public bodies. We believe in the public's right to know. It
trumps everything, including national security and the right to
privacy. We send Assange money by Paypal. We demand that Assange not
be prosecuted for anything, even for rape. He is our role model. He
is our hero.

And that is why we are so outraged! How dare anyone steal
documents from the Far-Leftist anti-Israel "human rights" group "Yesh

We adore Yesh Din. It battles for the human rights of
Palestinians to set up their own state in the West Bank in which no
Jews can be present to offend their delicate sensitivities. It
collects information about settlement construction and turns it over
to anti-Israel groups around the world. It has never gotten around to
acknowledging that Jews are entitled to any human rights.

But now it turns out that some local Israeli Wikileaker or sorts
stole hundreds of documents from the Yesh Din offices and computers,
and from the computer of the Yesh Din legal advisor, anti-Israel
extremist Michael Sfard. See this news story in the Palestinian
newspaper published in Hebrew:

Note the wonderful non sequitur in the title of the Haaretz news
item: "No signs of forced entry were found in their offices, raising
suspicion that rightist groups managed to plant a mole in the
organization." Moles? Surely Haaretz means a leaker of secrets
which the public is entitled to know and see! After all, the world
is safer without any secrets!

Here is the full story from Haaretz:

Human rights NGO (sic) monitoring Palestinians' legal rights (sic)
gets robbed of internal use documents

No signs of forced entry were found in their offices, raising
suspicion that rightist groups managed to plant a mole in the
By Yaniv Kubovich and Akiva Eldar

Hundreds of documents have been stolen from the database of Yesh Din,
the NGO monitoring the legal situation of Palestinians in the West
Bank. The group's legal adviser, attorney Michael Sfard, said his
office also had also internal use documents stolen.

This may be the first case of information theft from a human rights
organization (sic) in Israel.

No signs of forced entry were found in either Tel Aviv office, raising
the suspicion that rightist groups have managed to plant a mole in the

In a complaint filed on Tuesday with the police, Sfard, and Yesh Din's
chief investigator, Lior Yavne, said that they've been approached by
reporters from Makor Rishon and free sheet Yisrael Hayom for comment
on the content of documents copied or stolen from cases dealing with
property and physical damage to Palestinians. A photograph of one of
the documents was published in Makor Rishon, a newspaper with a marked
pro-settler stance. The newspaper quoted from a dozen cases available
only to a few members of Yesh Din, and said it was in possession of
other material.

A check by Sfard's staff found that notebooks with internal memos and
call records were stolen from one of the office drawers. The missing
documents refer to Yesh Din activity, but also to other clients, and
Sfard told police the use of the documents violates attorney-client
privilege. Tel Aviv police said that the complaint was being

"It seems we are witnessing a new and dangerous phase of the assault
on human rights organizations (sic) in Israel and the territories,"
Sfard said. "We should hope the law enforcement authorities will take
the appropriately serious view of the matter."

Uri Elitzur, editor of the Makor Rishon weekend supplement, told
Haaretz: "We do not hold any stolen documents. We didn't send in
reporters or Watergate-like plumbers, and we most certainly did not
steal any documents. The documents reached us and, as is customary
here, we cannot disclose their sources." Yisrael Hayom did not respond
to a request for comment.

2. We at Haaretz are outraged that a handful of Rabbis openly called
on Jews not to rent or sell property to Arabs. That is why we run
long articles today about how Orthodox Jews moving into secularist
neighborhoods must be stopped. They ruin the character of the
neighborhoods. They try to take over when they move in. In Ramat
Aviv some Bratslav Chassidim actually tried to persuade some local
teenagers to become more religious. This is intolerable!

3. We at Haaretz are outraged at the rising tide of "racism" in
Israel. Take for example the incident that happened this week. A
group of 14 year old Jewish teenagers in Jerusalem attacked and beat
several adult Arabs who were making passes at their teenage female
companion. Racism!, we scream at Haaretz.

Where do we see no racism? We see no racism when Arabs burn the home
of a Jew who bought a home in an Arab town near Haifa. We see no
racism when Arabs murder an American woman and stab repeatedly her
British woman companion near Beit Shemesh. We see no racism when
Palestinians murder any Arab who sells his property to Jews. We see
no racism in the idea that Jews should be prevented from living in
East Jerusalem. We see no racism when Arabs destroyed hundreds of
trees of Jewish "settlers" last week. And we see no racism when the
Hamas fires rockets into Jewish civilian areas inside the Negev, one
of which landed yesterday next to a kindergarten. In fact, in our
headline in Hebrew, we ran this: "Israel fires at Palestinians inside
Gaza; A Gaza rocket lands near a Kindergarten inside Israel." By
reversing cause and effect in that way, a bit like Hiroshimo causing
Pearl Harbor, we let everyone in the world know that it is Israeli
self-defense that causes Hamas terrorism!!

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