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Hebrew University's anti-Zionist Professor Blatman accuses Israel of Preparing Genocide

1. Hebrew University's anti-Zionist Professor Blatman accuses Israel
of Preparing Genocide

Israel's fascist Left, led by its anti-democratic academic Left, is
declaring war on the Jews.

In Haaretz today, Hebrew University Professor Daniel Blatman writes
the most anti-Semitic article that has yet to appear in the Israeli
mainstream media. Blatman claims to be a Holocaust scholar, and is
employed by the Hebrew University at the Harman Institute of
Contemporary Jewry.
In his ranting anti-Semitic article, Blatman bleats: "No society is
immune to deterioration into violent racism. In the Israel of today,
we can observe quite a few conditions whose presence in other
societies and among other peoples led to racial separation, ethnic
cleansing and even genocide. There are minority groups (Arabs and
foreigners ) who are ostracized by the majority, a growing racist
ideology, attempts to limit the political activities and civil rights
of the minority, a tense security situation and strong political
elements with vested interests in territorial expansion."
Blatman's rant is part of the current wave of Jewish self-hatred in
Israel under which leftist Jews insist that Israel's refusal to allow
unlimited numbers of Africans seeking better-paying jobs to enter the
country is the moral equivalent of the Nazi Holocaust of Jews.
Hundreds of Africans "protested" over the weekend in protests
featuring signs in Hebrew written for them by leftist Israelis, making
exactly such comparisons. Blatman joins them, insisting that Israel
in 2011 is exactly the same as Germany in 1932.
Blatman's entire rant can be read here:
. If he were really alive in 1932, he would be leading crowds of
German protesters denouncing Jewish racists inside Germany undermining
fraternal relations there. Blatman is a groupie of the old socialist
Bund, which is his academic specialty, an anti-Zionist group of
would-be Jewish socialists in Europe, most of whom were exterminated
by the Soviets. Blatman's email is
If you want to tell the heads of the Hebrew University what you think
of Blatman's anti-Jewish ranting, write to
Hebrew University:
President of the Hebrew University
Prof. Menachem Ben-Sasson
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905
Tel. 02-6584143, 02-5881905
Fax. 02-5811023
Rector of the Hebrew University
Prof. Sarah Stroumsa
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905
Telephone: 02-6719698, 02-5883676
Hebrew University "Friends of" Offices:

2. Haaretz reports that a group of "intellectuals" is calling on
Netanyahu to fire all rabbis who signed the earlier call for Jews not
to rent or sell property to Arabs in predominantly Jewish areas.
Among the signers were Prof. Joseph Algassi (Tel Aviv University,
philosophy), a leading proponent of the "One-State Solution" in which
Israel will be obliterated and replaced by a Rwanda-style bi-national
state with an Arab majority (see . Also
signing was Prof. Haim Adler from the Hebrew University (education),
and Prof. Aliza Shenhar, the leftist head of the Galilee College (who
was a Rector at Haifa University). None of these same people called
for firing leftwing anti-Zionist professors in Israel who call on
people not to rent and sell property to Jews in East Jerusalem.

3. The Gagosian Gallery in New York (with branches elsewhere) is a
leading gallery for sale of art. In recent days the gallery featured
the work by German painter Anselm Kiefer. See this Born in 1945, much of
his work is devoted towards denunciation of Germany's fascist past.
He is also passionately pro-Israel. His exhibit at the Gagosian was
entitled Next Year in Jerusalem. See this:
Now it seems that a German artist who is friendly to Jews was too much
for the local leftist anarchist anarcho-fascists in the greater New
York Metropolitan area. A group of them wearing fascist black shirts
decided to "protest" the holding of a pro-Jewish art exhibit at the
gallery, and showed up with signs and tee shirts denouncing Israel and
endorsing the "flotilla" of jihad terrorists that attacked Israel.
When ejected, the "protesters" got violent and one was injured. How
dare any Germans express pro-Jewish sentiments!!
A detailed report on this appears in the New Yorker at

4. Ordinarily it is hard to get Israel's Literary Left upset about
anything besides the fact that Israel has yet to agree to be
annihilated by the "Palestinians."

But this week about 200 or so have signed a petition being places all
over the Israeli mainstream media, and – amazingly – it has nothing to
do with demolishing Israel, granting the "Palestinians" a "right of
return," nor setting up a nice Palestinian state.

The petition byf the Literary Leftists is a demand that the government
fix prices of books to allow them to earn higher royalties. It is led
by Amos Oz, David Grossman, and A.B. Yehoshua.

You see, markets for books in Israel, like markets for everything
everywhere, set prices based on supply and demand. The Literary
Leftists are upset that the prices set by the market are "too low" for
their tastes. Basically, they have sunk to the moral depravity of the
dairy lobby or the poultry lobby and are insisting that prices be
fixed Bolshevik-style when their own interests are at stake.

The Literary Leftists do not like markets. Their next petition will
be a demand that agriculture be collectivized in Israel by party
Kommissars so that Israeli writers can buy their food at nice
controlled price levels while they are working on their new books
about how Israel is becoming a racist nazi state.

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