Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Pacbi-ing We Go - A Call to Arms!

1. As you know, Israel is now the target of the BDS pogrom, where BDS
stands for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions. The main BDS
organization is, which is run by an Arab jihadist graduate
student at Tel Aviv University, Omar Barghouti. There now operates,
however, an anti-BDS group, which runs the anti-BDS web site, where ITS pacbi name stands for Pathetic Assholes
Conspiring to Boycott Israel. Note the com at the end of the web
address instead of the org. (It also runs Please visit (Note the cute imitation is pages have to the

Moreover, I wanted to solicit your assistance in drawing traffic to

Please visit the site regularly. But even more importantly, please
post links to wherever you can, especially on anti-Israel
web sites and blogs and magazines. We want as many of the
anti-Semitic blogs as possible to be directing people to the

We also want as many people as people who are actually trying to reach
the anti-Semitic PACBI group to find themselves at the pro-Israel site!

And we want the site to be the first site showing up when
people go a-googling for the word pacbi or for the term BDS.

Please help!

2. Dov Lautman is an Israeli industrial oligarch, with close
political ties to the Israeli Labor Party and the Left. His wife is
an official in the New Israel Fund. Lautman has long been the leading
proponent in Israel of corporate welfare, where corporation receive
welfare stipends from the government. He is Israel's leading
protectionist and opponent of free markets. He owns some textile
corporations, while long lived off Israeli governmental welfare
support, although he has moved some to Jordan where he hires cheaper
workers. He is so leftist that he was awarded an Israel Prize. He is
Executive Chairman of the "Shimon Peres Center" and is involved in
lots of other lefty stuff. Together with Palestinian terrorist Saeb
Erakat he set up the "Million Voices to End the Conflict." He is
also involved in Yossi Beilin's "Geneva Misunderstandings" proposal to
end the conflict by means of Israeli capitulation.

Now, it turns out that Lautman and his companies have just been
targeted for boycotts by the anti-Semites in the BDS = Boycott,
Divest, Sanctions pogrom. Even better, it turns out that most of the
BDS groups are getting money from the New Israel Fund, the very same
New Israel Fund where Mrs. Lautman works. So Lautman's business are
being attacked and vilified by the very same people being funded by
the offices of Mrs. Lautman! (Makor Rishon last week did a large
expose on this story.)

Talk about poetic justice!

3. Special report prepared for the Israel government. After careful
and painstaking research, we – the Commission on Illegal Foreign
Infiltrators from Africa Now in Israel – have reached the conclusion
that the very best way to INCREASE the number of Africans sneaking
illegally into Israel is to offer to pay $500 to each infiltrator who
is caught and "agrees" to be sent out of the country. This should
lead to hundreds of thousands of new infiltrators coming into the
country in order to get the $500 reward, which is equal to two years
income in some African countries.

4. Yo de lay hee ho:

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