Sunday, December 12, 2010

Short Items

Some short items

1. Anyone who denies that the Israeli mainstream media are leftist
propaganda outfits self-conscripted as servants to the Left will have
to explain why the same Israeli media devoted far, FAR more attention
to the fact that the Palestinian Authority reluctantly sent Israel a
couple of rusty fire trucks on the last day of the Carmel fire than it
did to the fact that scores of arson terrorist fires were being set
all over the country by Arabs, possible Arab arson terrorists
dispatched by the very same Palestinian Authority.

2. Hillary Clinton just called for all sides to set now the final
borders for a future Palestinian state. I think she is onto something
here. I have volunteered to set those borders. It will cover the
entire territory of Arkansas from the Louisiana border to the Missouri
border, from the Mississippi to Oklahoma. In fact, I think we can
adapt the lyrics of the Woody Guthrie song to invent for them an
imaginary national anthem for the imaginary Palestinian nation.

3. The Prime Minister Turkey insists that Israel apologize for its
defending itself against the terrorist ships sent in by Turkey that
attacked the Israeli navy, and he wants the apology before normalizing
diplomatic relations. I think he is onto something. I have
volunteered to issue the apologize. So on behalf of all of Israel, we
hereby apologize for not having torpedoed the "Rachel Corrie" and the
other terrorist ships in the terrorist flotilla. We are sorry and are
really ashamed of ourselves.

4. Jewish self-denial not the way to peace:,7340,L-3998018,00.html

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