Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Atropine Cider Time?

Oh how embarrassing for the Moonbatocracy!

For the past two weeks, the media and blogs from around the world
have been screaming that Israeli troops murdered a young Palestinian
woman "demonstrator" in the West Bank town of Bil'in. The town has
long been the scene of violent attacks by leftist "anarchist"
anarcho-fascists and the local Arabs against Israeli troops and police
guarding the Israeli security fence. Israel coddles the hooligans and
responds to their violence with smiles and tear gas. Several tenured
traitors have been arrested over the years when involved in the
violence there.

Anyway, the woman "demonstrator" in question was 34 year old
Jawaher Abu-Rahma. The lefties claimed she was shot down by Israeli
troops like a dog, riddled with bullets. Then they changed their
story. She died because she breathed poisonous doses of tear gas
fired at the "demonstrators" to disburse them.

Here is just one news story from leftist YNET about the

Well, heavens to Mergatroyd. The truth comes out today, buried in
the back pages of Haaretz and not mentioned at all in the Western
media. Seems that young Jawaher was taken to a PLO "hospital" in
Ramallah after breathing some tear gas, because having breathed tear
gas her eyes were tearing. It happens.

There she was given a massive shot of "Atropine" – I guess
something to reduce irritation of the eyes after tear gas. But she
was given at least eight times the right dose, which was a toxic
level, and she died from Atropine poisoning. See this: and

In other words, like Rachel Corrie, she was killed by incompetent
Palestinian medical personnel.

But don't hold your breath waiting for any leftists to apologize.

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