Monday, January 03, 2011

A Final word on the Katsav Affair

1. More anti-democratic suppression of freedom of speech in Israel.
The Rabbi of Safed was interrogated this week for making allegedly
"racist statements." See this:,7340,L-4008037,00.html

Only in oppressive dictatorships is the making of "racist
statements" a crime. In democracies, one may disagree with "racist
statements" and condemn them, but they are not grounds for suppressing
freedom of speech nor for criminal indictment. They may be in poor
taste but they are not crimes. (In this case, I am not even sure what
he said is "racist".)

Especially when the prohibition of "racist statements" is enforced
with such obvious bias and in such a discriminatory partisan manner.
Not a single Israeli Arab fascist nor Jewish leftist has ever been
indicted for making anti-Semitic racist comments. Not a single
tenured traitor cheering on terrorism or insisting that Jews are not a
people at all has ever been indicted.

The Left is complaining about Israeli "fascism." Well, here it
is, in this selective interrogation!

2. I know you are getting tired of the postings about the Katsav
Affair, so I will keep this short and try not to raise it again.

Yesterday Channel Two TV broadcast the famous "tape" about which
much of the Katsav Affair revolved. To remind you, the whole
litigation got started when Katsav complained to the police that a
woman, known as "A" or "ALEPH" in the Israeli media, was trying to
shake him down for money. To "prove" this, he provided a tape of
their conversation he had recorded. Later the prosecution used the
same tape as evidence that Katsav had supposedly raped "ALEPH". But
the tape had not been played for the public.

It was played on TV last night and transcriptions of the tape are
in the Israeli newspapers today.
And the tape essentially proves that Katsav is not a rapist.

I did not say Katsav is innocent. He is indeed a serial
philanderer, who has used his position to pressure women to engage in
hanky panky with him (a bit like Clinton). And philandering is
precisely what the tape shows. The tape reveals that "ALEPH" was
bitter because she had had a romantic affair with Katsav but was angry
at him for ending it and for having found a new girlfriend. "ALEPH"
explodes when she finds a photo of the new girl in Katsav's desk, in
which cleavage is very visible. (Alas, the newspapers did not
reproduce that photo.) "ALEPH" demands from Katsav $200,000, not as
compensation for having been raped, but evidently as compensation for
having been abandoned, and for finding herself "without work and
without a decent car" – in her words on the tape. The prosecution
claims she was raped and as revenge she demanded money to upgrade a

Since you are probably tired of all this, let us sum things up.
The prosecution in the Katsav Affair was unable to prosecute Katsav
for the things that they knew he had done (because of the Statute of
Limitations). So instead they decided to prosecute him for what they
knew he had NOT done (violent rape), because that was something the
Statute of Limitation would allow them to pursue, even though they
knew he had not committed rape.

Now I am as appalled at Katsav's behavior as the next male
feminist, but the behavior of the prosecution in all this is simply
outrageous and was clearly motivated by a passion to "get Katsav" - no
matter what. We wonder why they were so determined.

3. Over the weekend I happened to catch a special on the BBC about
9-11. It was basically a review of the conspiracy "theories" about
9-11, where all the leading conspiracy nuts from the "911 Truth" cult
were allowed to present their case. The program concentrated on the
collapse of WTC Building 7, which has become the nucleus of the 9-11
conspiracy "theories." Then the Beeb interviewed experts in the
relevant fields (building engineering, materials engineering, etc.)
and also some of the key witnesses whose statements are distorted by
the conspiracists when they make their case. The witnesses tell what
they REALLY said and REALLY saw and meant.

The result was simply devastating. The program demolished the
conspiracy "theories" in an extremely effective manner. It showed the
conspiracists for the deranged nuts that they are.

I mention all this because I really wish someone, even the BBC,
would at long last do the same and blow the Rabin assassination
conspiracy "theories" to pieces in an authoritative way. These refuse
to die in certain backwaters of the Israeli "Right," inspired by UFO
nut Barry Chamish. This same Chamish has spent the last 5 years or so
in Florida, chronically unemployed and evidently living off welfare
and begging his handful of remaining followers to send him checks, and
perhaps squeegee-ing the odd car window.

4. Alas, I had to spend last night on the couch. I had come up
behind the Misses while she was washing the dishes and whispered in
her ear: "Hey my little ALEPH - your President is here!!"

Pots went a-flying.

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