Friday, January 14, 2011

Photo for Charity?

You have probably been following the story of the tennis star Andre
Agassi. He agreed to auction off a photo of his wife naked in order
to raise money for charity, as a way to help victims of a typhoon in
Asia. His wife is named Steffi, by the way, but no relation to me.
See this:

Now I must say that I found this idea very intriguing. I even
asked my Missus what she would think about us pursuing a similar idea.
To my amazement, she said that she would really be into the idea!

So as a gesture to raise money for charity, my wife has now
prepared a photo of me, wearing nothing at all but my Tallis!

Together we are making the following special offer. For anyone who
agrees to make a significant contribution to Isracampus – in exchange,
we agree NOT to send you that photo!

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