Sunday, January 09, 2011

The "Rabin-ization" of the Tucson Shootings

1. So let's see what we have here. A group of Israeli
"intellectuals" is rending its clothing over the decision by the
Knesset to open an investigation into the funding of leftist seditious
groups in Israel, those pretending to be human rights groups.

The "intellectuals" in their statement also proclaim their admiration
for the "forces of democracy" represented by the 17 Knesset members
who voted AGAINST the proposed bill. And just who are these
progressive forces of democracy and enlightenment? Who are these
great darling democratic opponents of the investigation proposal?
They include the Knesset Members from the HADASH communist party, a
party that has never gotten around to repudiating Stalinism, and the
Knesset Members from the various Arab fascist parties that are little
more than surrogates for the Hamas. THOSE are the great beacons of
democracy and enlightenment in the eyes of Israel's leftist

2. There is an interesting twist to the tragic story of the shootings
in Tucson that left the Congresswoman so badly injured. (Evidently,
media pronouncements notwithstanding, she is NOT Jewish by the way.)
It is the Rabin-ization of the incident and its conversion into a
bludgeon against freedom of speech for conservatives.

As you recall, after the Rabin assassination, the McCarthyist Left in
Israel launched a campaign that insisted that Yigal Amir had murdered
Yitzhak Rabin because Rightists, Rabbis, and sundry other non-leftists
had exercised their freedom of speech. They had even dared to
disagree with Rabin's policies. Obviously the utilization of freedom
of speech by non-leftists, insist the McCarthyists, causes murder,
assassination and violence. It is a clear and present danger and so
must be suppressed.

Well, the smoke had not cleared from the Tucson shootings yesterday
when the liberal-leftist media were pronouncing that the perp had
gunned down the victims because of Sarah Palin and the tea party
people. Like in post-Rabin Israel, the Left saw the shootings as a
great opportunity to launch an assault against freedom of speech. If
the perp had murdered because he had listened to Palin, then obviously
speech by tea party types and utilization of freedom of expression by
conservatives is a clear and present danger and so must be suppressed.
It is post-Rabin leftist McCarthyist pabulum deja vu all over again!

Meanwhile, I have not seen any evidence that the perp had even heard
of Sarah Palin, or even ever read a newspaper. From what is coming
out in the news, the perp is a deranged conspiracy nut who sounds much
more Barry Chamish than Bill O'Reilly. Even the Neo-Nazi militias are
insisting they never heard of him.

But never mind. In leftist "thinking" the solution is always to
suppress freedom of speech for non-leftists, no matter what the
problem is requiring a solution.

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