Monday, January 17, 2011

Shimon Peres Pontificates to Hide His own Dubious Sources of Funding

Shimon Peres is misusing his position once again as Israeli President
for partisan purposes. He is bellowing his indignation that the
Knesset voted to investigate the funding of Israeli leftist
organizations. You can read his ranting here:
Note the headline: Haaretz claims that "Probes of Leftist NGO's hurt
Israeli democracy." That is almost correct. You just need to erase
the word "probes" from the sentence. That leaves: "Leftist NGO's hurt
Israeli democracy." That is the correct statement.

Peres in his Haaretz interview proposes that the entire investigation
be left to the law-enforcement authorities. But that disingenuous
proposal intentionally obfuscates the real point. No one is claiming
that the NGO's accepting money from foreign hostile forces is in
violation of the law, because THERE IS NO ISRAELI LAW AGAINST IT!
(There is also no Israeli law to speak of against treason!) So any
criminal investigation of the leftist NGO's will inevitably discover
that no law has been broken. But the real issue is political: that
the funding sources reveal the true political agenda of the leftist
NGO's and that is something that members of the Israeli electorate and
public have the right to know! And that is what Peres wants to hide.

There is however an even more important point. Shimon Peres' own
private NGO, the Peres Center, is entirely financed by foreign (EU)
funding! So golly gee, what a surprise that Peres himself is
misusing his Presidential bully pulpit to denounce demands that
foreign funding of Israeli NGO's be exposed!

One last point. In my earlier posting, I mentioned how the Israeli
caring Left is suddenly demanding that the wives of Israeli Rabbis who
call upon Jewish young woman NOT to date Arabs should be indicted for
"racism." That is "racism," you see. Well, guess what happens to
Arab women who date Jewish men in Israel! I will not get too lurid
and spell it out for you. But those "honor killings" and torture by
family members of course are NOT racism, insist the leftist Care

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