Monday, February 28, 2011

A Call for the Arrest of the Editorial Staff at Haaretz

1. I hereby call on Shai Nitzan, the Deputy Prosecutor in Israel, to
arrest and indict the entire editorial staff of Haaretz immediately.
This is the same Nitzan who has been arresting and investigating every
Rabbi he can find who has ever had a nice word to say about that
Rabbinic tract "Darchei Hamelekh," a book that discusses rules of
warfare. This is the same Nitzan who ordered a University of Haifa
professor to come in to the police to be interrogated about what he
says in class. This is the same Nitzan who runs an "enhanced
enforcement" policy designed openly to discriminate and harass
Right-wingers. Well, now I demand that Nitzan arrest Haaretz writer
Neri Livneh.

For the following article:

In this article, Comrade Livneh demands that Orthodox Jews be
prevented from moving into the Haifa neighborhood of Neve Shaanan. An
area where they do not belong (in the opinion of Livneh, who grew up
in that neighborhood). Moreover, Livneh accuses the Orthodox of
threatening to trigger Arab-Jewish violence in Haifa, a city in which
Arab-Jewish relations have generally been cordial. Finally, Livneh
keeps dubbing Orthodox Jews the "Jewish Brotherhood," equivalent to
the Moslem Brotherhood. So in Livneh's opinion, a Jew who puts on
tefillin is the equivalent to the gangs of stormtroopers obeying
Muammar Khaddafi and his "green revolution" as they shoot down the
Libyan opposition.

Such comments are a hundred times more bigoted and "inciting" than
anything any of the Rabbis interrogated by Nitzan ever said. Rabbis
and others who suggest that Jews not rent property in predominantly
Jewish neighborhoods to Arabs have been interrogated by Nitzan's
Inquisition. So why should Haaretz not be interrogated for an article
that demands that Orthodox Jews be prevented from living in a Haifa
neighborhood? And especially for the following racist incitement in
that article:
"Jews and Arabs still get along in Haifa. But if the ultra-Orthodox
are taking over the city, the good relations between Jews and Arabs
may also be at risk. Instead of worrying about the Muslim Brotherhood
in the Arab states, we should start fearing the Jewish Brotherhood
that is about to take over, and start acting accordingly."

2. Israel has just announced that it will be constructing a special
housing project in Jaffa, for Arabs only! See this:
Those responsible have not been indicted for racism. Those praising
the idea have not been arrested under Israel's anti-racism and
anti-incitement laws. Why not?

3. Chicken Lou Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Is-Slum, has been
campaigning hard to defend and celebrate the Khaddafi clan:

4. Speaking of keeping neighborhoods clean, see the initiative of
Saul Zadka in London:

5. Hebrew U calls on Attorney General to Indict Professor of
Sociology Eyal Ben-Ari, the professor accused by his students of
raping them and the fellow who invented the idea and supervised the
thesis claiming that the lack of rape of Arab women by Jews proves
that Jews are racists:

6. The "Wall of Lies" Campaign:

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