Monday, February 21, 2011

The Libyan Riots spread to Israel’s Leftist NGOS!

1. The Libyan Riots spread to Israel's Leftist NGOS!

Well, I am not exactly Shania Twain, but I am singing "Man I feel
like a Woman" this morning!

All is not calm and tranquil in the leftist fever swamps of
Israel. It seems that Libya is not the only place in which there is a
mass revolt against the entrenched jihad! The same thing is happening
in the ultra-leftist Israeli Jewish NGO named "New Profile." And the
reporter Lara Logan, who was sexually assaulted by the mobs in Egypt
( ), is not
the only victim of sexual assault by the depraved jihadists.

The same thing happened in "New Profile."

"New Profile" is an anti-Israel communist-front activist group, no
doubt funded by the usual sources, claiming to be a feminist group,
and specializing in trying to get Israeli soldiers to refuse to serve
in the Israeli military.

The backwaters of the Israeli radical Left have been buzzing for
years about cases of alleged rape of women by the extremist Yitzhak
Laor, a regular columnist at Haaretz and a one-time lecturer at Tel
Aviv University. Laor also claims to be a poet. I confess I am not
familiar with his ouvre but I understand he may be the true originator
of the poem that begins, "Here I sit, broken-hearted, paid my dime…."

Laor has been accused by several women of raping and/or sexually
harassing them. At least one submitted a formal complaint to the
police for rape. Like in the case of the Hebrew University professor
of sociology accused by numerous women students of raping them, the
police have been dragging their feet. Leftwing rapists are just not
very high up on their agenda, in contrast with a rabbi accused of
groping male students, who now is facing prosecution. Haaretz for its
part is embracing its inner bitch and so is not reporting the Laor
story at all. In fact poet Laor has a column this very morning in
Haaretz bashing Israel. Laor is protected by the Haaretz Post-Zionist
glass ceiling.

Actually, leftwing rapists and sexual predators are fairly common
in Israel! The Director of "Zochrot," another ultra-left seditious
NGO in Israel that seeks to change all Israeli place names to Arabic
names (like the Western Wall), has also been accused of sexual
harassment. The Director, Eitan Bornstein, allegedly made lude sexual
comments towards women who work for "Zochrot." The members of New
Profile and Zochrot are essentially the same people. A leftwing actor
named Hanan Goldblatt has also been convicted of rape, and just had
his sentence adjusted a few days ago.

Now I am as proud as the next feminist of the women who have
decided to upset the leftwing apple cart and denounce the male
chauvinist pigs in question. I am proud to tell you that some of the
feminists in "New Profile" went on a rampage, not only against Laor
but also against Bornstein. Curiously, they are led by Bilha Golan,
who is so rabidly anti-Israel that I suspect that if she had not
burned all her bras years ago she might have filled them with
explosives and taken them on to a bus (she is a regular on the
anti-Semitic "ALEF" chat list: see ). The activist anti-rapist
women from "New Profile" however are being ostracized by other "New
Profile" fair-weather Barbie-doll pseudo-feminists suffering from the
Queen Bee syndrome, who insist that there must be no enemies on the
Left, and that all leftists must be automatically backed and defended
– no matter what! After all, claim these chicks, the highest goal of
feminism must be Israel's obliteration.

Laor's "Poetry" is reviewed here:

2. The anti-democratic Israeli Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is
suddenly concerned about democracy. See this story:
What upsets him is the Knesset initiative to force anti-Israel
seditious groups from the Left to reveal the sources of their funding.
Here is Weinstein:

'Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein warned on Sunday that establishing
parliamentary panels of inquiry to probe left-wing organizations could
violate fundamental human rights.
'In the state's response to a petition challenging the establishment
of such panels, he wrote: "It is impossible to ignore the chilling
effect of such investigative panels, should they be established, on
fundamental rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of
conscience, and freedom of association." '

Only one itsy bitsy problem in this. This is the VERY SAME bloke who
is investigating, arresting, and indicting rabbis for saying things he
finds "racist" or even for their praising a book that he considers
"racist." Will those who praise "Huckleberry Finn" be next on his

So his concern for fundamental freedoms of speech is highly selective!
This is the same Attorney General who has done nothing at all to
rein in the leftist Inquisitor of the Israeli Prosecutor's office,
Shai Nitzan. And while we are at it, even if we were to assume that
the comments by the rabbis in question were racist, which they were
not, since when is it illegal in a democracy to make racist comments?
If it were, 93% of Americans would be in prison. Making racist
comments in a democracy can get you punched in the nose but not
indicted and jailed!

(See )

3. Oy, dem racist Jews. Meet the black rabbi of Uganda:

4.. The Left rallies to resuscitate the Rosenberg spies:

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