Friday, February 11, 2011

Stop the Anti-Rabbinic Inquisition operating in ... Israel !!

Stop the Anti-Rabbinic Inquisition operating in ... Israel !!

There is one place on earth where Rabbis are systematically being
persecuted for expressing their opinions about things ranging from
current events issues to esoteric Rabbinic questions of Jewish law.
No, that place is not Iran and it is not Venezuela and it is not
Malaysia. It is Israel.

The leftwing McCarthyist Inquisition operates from Israel's partisan
Prosecutor's Office and it has been indicting rabbi after rabbi for
"racism" and "incitement." In some cases it was because of calls by
some rabbis to Jews not to lease property in predominantly Jewish
neighborhoods to Arabs. The past few weeks the Inquisitors have been
indicting rabbis who praised an esoteric rabbinic treatise written by
a controversial rabbi about the circumstances under which gentiles may
be killed, such as under battlefield conditions, under halakhic law.
I personally would have preferred that the treatise not be published
because it serves as a provocation of non-Jews. But it has been
published, and the authors of it have as much right to freedom of
speech as tenured traitors do. See the second item that follows this.
Let us note that not a single member of the Israeli Arab
Islamofascist movement, including its leader who openly calls for
suicide bombings of Jews, has ever been indicted for their statements.

Now the anti-democratic McCarthyists in the Prosecutor's office have
decided to target the Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Shear Yishuv Hacohen.
Rabbi Hacohen is one of the true heroes of modern Israel. He served
with the Lehi (Stern Gang) in Jerusalem in 1948 where he was captured
and imprisoned by the Jordanian army. He studied to become a rabbi at
the Zionist seminary of the followers of Rabbi Kook. He is a great
"Kookian" and Zionist to today. I have heard him lecture numerous
times about his days in the underground before 1948, and the guy is

He is now being targeted by the Inquisitors in the Prosecutor's office
because he has served as the President of Ariel College. They claim
that he granted a scholarship to study in Ariel College to the son of
the police force's rabbi, and that he did so in order to persuade
police officers to send their offspring to Ariel. The Inquisition
claims this is "bribery." These are the same Inquisitors who have
never found any financial misbehavior of Amram Mitzna or Ehud Barak
that they think requires indictment! If the Rabbi's scholarship is a
crime, then every university and college in Israel must be shut down
at once for similar massive bribery!

This outrageous political crime against the rabbi by the Inquisitors
in the Prosecutor's Offices must be stopped. Please write to the
Prime Minister's Office and demand that all those responsible for the
persecution of Rabbi Shear Yishuv be immediately fired and stripped of
their pensions and other perqs.

You can do so at and

Second Rabbi Faces Arrest; 'They Are Putting Torah on Trial'
Adar 7, 5771, 11 February 11 12:18
by Maayana Miskin
( Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, the son of Sephardi
leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, is facing arrest over his approbation for
the book Torat HaMelech (The Torah of the King). He has stated that he
will not cooperate with police.

"The Torah is under investigation, and I have no intention of
cooperating in an investigation of a book that is solely about Torah,"
Rabbi Yaakov Yosef told Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language news service.

The book Torat HaMelech deals with the subject of life-and-death
situations involving Jews and non-Jews, particularly during a time of
war. In particular, it focuses on what a Jewish soldier fighting for
his people is permitted to do in order to save his life, and rules
that soldiers must not endanger themselves to protect enemy civilians.

"I saw fit to give my approbation to the book so that IDF soldiers
will know the halacha [Jewish law], in contrast to the false morality
that has gone public, since Operation Cast Lead, with encouragement
from the media, the Supreme Court, and the Goldstone commission,"
Rabbi Yaakov Yosef stated.

"The rabbis of Israel must not be partners to the false beliefs that
lead to the deaths of IDF soldiers, even if the price they must pay is
arrest or persecution. This is Torah!" he concluded.

Police say the book could incite violence against non-Jews. Arrest
warrants have been issued for Rabbi Yaakov Yosef and Rabbi Dov Lior
for confirming that the author is a Torah scholar by attaching their
signatures to the book. Jewish leaders and organizations have
protested the plan to arrest the two rabbis.
Meanwhile, the anti-Semites at Haaretz continue their Der Sturmer
style incitement against Rabbis:

By the way, the Haaretz story on the decision to indict Rabbi
Shear-Yishuv Hacohen begins with a report of about 300 words about
some rabbis suspected of giving civil servants and army officers
certificates that they completed a course in Yeshiva studies when in
fact they just showed up a few times, this to get a higher pay
ranking. It then says, oh and by the way, no Rabbi Shear Yishuv
Hacohen is not one of those. Well, there have been anti-Semitic Jews
who engage in Holocaust Denial and outright collaboration with
Neo-Nazi groups, but Haaretz editors are not among those.

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