Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Come Murder Me" - the Mantra of the "Olive Tree Initiative"

1. There is a certain kind of assimilationist Jewish liberal (or
what I call "asslibs") whose highest aspiration is to be liked by
genocidal anti-Semitic murderers. What better way to prove how nice
and tolerant and accepted you are!

Frank Sinatra has a song whose lyrics go, "Come Fly with me." These
self-hating "Jews" have changed those lyrics to be, "Come Murder Me."

The newest version of the "Organized Jewish Pilgrimage to the Nazis"
has been a project of the far-leftist "Jewish" group calling itself
the Olive Tree Initiative. It sends groups of Jewish youths, mainly
from California, to Israel in order to meet with Hamas terrorists.
This is not a spoof.

Evidently Olive Tree Initiative wants these young Jews to seek peace
by begging the Hamas to murder more Jews, other Jews. The full story
can be read here:

Please open that web page and read the documentation for yourself. It
must be read to be believed. It has been uncovered as part of a
California "Sunshine Act" disclosure.

These are assimilationist Jews whose biggest regret in life seems to
be that they were born too late to beg the Germans to kill more Jews.

2. I fear that there is no alternative to officially changing the
name of Ben Gurion University to the "University of Treason." Nary a
day goes by without some new atrocity coming out of the Ben Gurion
University chapter of the Israeli academic fifth column. But the
litany of treason that came out of Ben Gurion University in the past
24 hours makes most of the previous track record pale in comparison.

First, we have BGU's Neve Gordon, the tenured tanzin from BGU's
politics department, proclaim to his students in a required course
that the kidnapping and holding of Gilad Shalit by the Hamas is NOT
terrorism. Not a bit. In fact, it is entirely justified!! After
all, didn't allied troops capture and hold enemy soldiers during World
War II? So isn't the Hamas just doing the same thing?

Never mind that the Hamas is not an army but a gang of genocidal
terrorists. Never mind that Shalit was kidnapped and not captured in
battle, and that Shalit has been held incommunicado for years by his
Nazi captors. Gordon's quote appears in full, alas only in Hebrew,
here:,7340,L-4049822,00.html but
Hebrew readers should also check out the talkbacks there. 500 were
posted in the first hours, almost all of them denouncing Gordon as a

As it turns out, Ben Gurion University students are not taking
Gordon's campaign on behalf of the Hamas lying down. A group of BGU
students has called upon the University authorities to take action at
long last against Gordon. The details, again in Hebrew, are reported
by the Galei Zahal news service here:

What triggered the student petition was the fact that a university in
South Africa just announced that they are going to boycott Ben Gurion
University specifically, as part of the efforts of these South African
beneficiaries of South African apartheid against "Israeli apartheid."
The students claim correctly that the numerous BGU professors, led by
Gordon, who call for a world boycott against Israel, are directly
responsible for this newest development. After all, The South
Africans were just listening to Neve Gordon!

Now BGU President likes to claim that in all of BGU there is only one
treasonous moonbat and that is Neve Gordon, but the rest of the
university is filled with wise and Zionist patriots. She is lying.
There are scores of tenured traitors at BGU. They are backed,
defended, and endorsed by hundreds of other BGU leftists, led by the
BGU President and Rector themselves, who maintain lower political

What is amazing is that far-leftist anti-Zionism is so COMMON at BGU
that it spills out from the usual cesspools of radicalism in the
social sciences and humanities, and even effects the real sciences.

As witness to this, take the newest jihad coming out of Ben Gurion
University by Professor Karla Kedem. She is professor of computer
sciences at BGU. Today she appears in the media (in English this
time, see,7340,L-4049619,00.html)
where she denounces her own university for holding a special concert
open only to Israeli reserve soldiers (and companions). This is
racism and sexism, she bleats! Why? Because Arabs and women can't

Can't attend, she moos? Well, actually some Bedouins and some women
DO serve in the reserves. But that is hardly the point. Komrade
Karla sees racism and discrimination in a concert meant for reserve
soldiers. But the REAL racism and discrimination is in the fact that

THAT is NOT discrimination, according to this BGU dingbette. (Again,
check out the talkbacks)

Finally we have Dr. Michal Givoni, who was a postdoc "researcher" from
Tel Aviv University in sociology (what else?) and the semi-Marxist
"Van Leer Institute," who just issued a paper that compares Gaza Arabs
to Holocaust survivors. She is this year at Berkeley in case anyone
wants to teach her about American baseball bats. See

3. A letter from my buddy Prof. Alexander to the WSJ, regarding an
article posted here:

Alan Dershowitz's column (29 March) on the latest eruption of
Jew-hatred in Norway calls to mind the following passage from Philip
Roth's novel THE COUNTERLIFE: "I am in Norway on business for my
product and written on a wall I read, 'Down with Israel.' I
think,'What did Israel ever do to Norway?' I know Israel is a terrible
country, but after all, there are countries even more terrible....Why
don't you read on Norwegian walls,'Down with Russia,' 'Down with
Chile,' 'Down with Libya'? Because Hitler didn't murder six million
Libyans? I am walking in Norway and I am thinking 'If only he had.'
Because then they would write on Norwegian walls, 'Down with Libya,'
and leave Israel alone."

Edward Alexander
Seattle Washington
tel. 206-524-7086

4. The ZOA speaks out against the new chief "Reform Rabbi":


Phylis Chesler on Why lesbian activists support Palestinians

National Post . Mar. 29, 2011 Re: The 'Palestinization' Of Lesbian
Activism, Phyllis Chesler, March 22.

6. You may recall that I mentioned that the Israel entry to the
horrible "Eurovision" song contest this year is a song entitled "Ding
Dong," written and performed by the "transgendered" Israeli singer
"Dana International." It is hard to escape the obnoxious song, being
played nonstop on Israeli radio. Anyhow, it occurs to me how ironic
it is that "Dana" is singing in the contest a song called "Ding Dong,"
given that the singer is actually most famous for having sliced off
"her" own ding dong.

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