Monday, March 14, 2011

Jews in Space

Ilan Pappe chosen by the Raelian Space Alien and UFO cult to be its
Hero of Humanity

Bow down to him earthling scum!

Now frankly I would not blame you a bit for assuming the following
story is a Plautian gag. After all, Purim is anon. And the story is
so absurd that it could clearly be nothing but a spoof.

So I forgive you in advance for dismissing this post as parody.
Nevertheless, there is it on the news services of the world. Yes,
comrades, the Raelian movement of UFO hunters has decided to grant its
award for "Honorary Guide of Humanity" to Israeli expatriate
anti-Semite Ilan Pappe. The story is here:

For those who have not heard of them, The Raelians are the
followers of a race car driver who suddenly started having strange
encounters with UFOs and space aliens. The Raelians make Barry
Chamish look sane.

You can see the Raelian original web site here:

See also Martin Kramer's comments on this:

Now I think it is lovely that Ilan Pappe is at long last getting
the recognition that he so richly deserves for his important scholarly
work and university career. Pappe has built his academic career upon
inventing an imaginary massacre at Tantora, out of fabricating the
tale that Israel carried out "ethnic cleansing" of Arabs, and out of
serving as Israel's Lord Haw-Haw in regard to everything else. Now,
evidently, he has decided that the planet earth is just not large
enough for "the Guide of Humanity's" ego and so Pappe is taking his
campaign against the Joos to the stars.

Here is the official Raelian announcement:

Here are some segments of that announcement: '(Raelian spokeswoman)
Boisselier said that according to Raelian philosophy, humanity on
Earth was created by human beings from another planet.

"…All prior prophets foretold the last prophet, Rael, who has a
special role to play in Israel as the Messiah. He is to build the
Third Temple there, an embassy to welcome the Elohim, our creators."
'But Israel has not yet agreed to cooperate, she said….As Pappe has
said, the present state of Israel is the worst thing that has happened
to the Palestine region. Nevertheless, that region now contains many
Raelian activists, who will never stop devoting their lives to the
building of a peaceful, unified Palestine. They fully support the new
Honorary Guide, Ilan Pappe." To know more about Rael's views on
Palestine, go to:'

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