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Ben Gurion University Faculty Member Justifies Kidnapping and Holding of Gilad Shalit

1. Well, you probably already know that Neve Gordon, the most
notorious symbol of what has become of Ben Gurion University, the
groupie of Norman Finkelstein and the columnist for Holocaust Denial
web sites and newspapers, has come out IN FAVOR of the Hamas
kidnapping and hiding of Gilad Shalit. Gordon justifies the
kidnapping and insists it is NOT terrorism at all. (Gordon can see
terrorism only when Israel acts to capture Hamas murderers or to
protect its own citizens!) Gordon forced his political science
students at Ben Gurion University to sit through his pontifications
about why the kidnapping is legitimate. Rivka Carmi, the cabbage-head
president of Ben Gurion University, has nothing to say about that!
Want to ask her? Go to

Meanwhile, the man who had been head of the Los Angeles offices of the
"Friends of Ben Gurion University" has circulated a letter blasting
the university and its heads. We reprint it for you here:

Letter to the Heads of Ben Gurion University from a Former Director of
Its "Friends of" Offices in Los Angeles

To Left (double meaning) Rivka Carmi

A Letter to the Heads of Ben Gurion University from a Former Director
of Its "Friends of" Offices in Los Angeles

Prof. Rivka Carmi, President,
Ben Gurion Univ. of the Negev,
Beer Sheva, Israel

To all supporters of Israel (in spite of its numerous and admitted

To all lovers of BGU, and true believers in responsible Freedoms of
academic & civil expression!

This email is for your information and mass-distribution-Thanks.

Shalom Prof. Rivka Carmi:

Enough is enough!

What do Academic rights & freedoms & Civil-Political
Freedoms-of-expression in any Democracy have to do with lecturing for
10 solid years, (as Neve Gordon has been doing diligently with
impunity and with the Univ. support & Rivka Carmi's support),
specifically calling- lecturing for the delegitimization and
demonization of Israel's, thus directly undermining its very

How many thousands of Jewish & non-Jewish BGU students has Neve Cordon
brainwashed to detest & hate Israel over the last 10 years???

If any Arab or Muslim Professor, anywhere in the 57 Muslim
nation-states in the world, (or
within any school in Gaza or west bank PA colleges), especially within
the 22 States of the Arab-League, or especially in Saudi Arabia or
Syria or Iran in particular, would dare to criticize or demonize their
respective governments, they would surely be fired after 1-2 such
lectures, be jailed and would have been executed by public beheading
or hanging, shortly thereafter. Wouldn't they Rivka Carmi? Even today,
especially today under the Hamas and Fatah iron-fisted dictatorships?!

Our L.A. Task-Force, now growing nationally & rapidly thanks to the
reach & speed of the internet, is advising specifically all the Ben
Gurion Univ. supporters in America & Canada to contact BGU & AABGU and
let them know that they will NOT continue to financially support BGU
if it harbors anti-zionist & anti Israeli professors, that are
rewarded and permitted to condemn the State of Israel in the
classrooms & lecture Halls.

To Enlighten you Prof. Carmi:
Ariel University is the newest university in Israel. There is an
Israeli flag in every classroom and all students, even Arab students
must complete 10% of their course work in Jewish History or Jewish
Heritage – this promotes pride in the country you live in – not
agreement on every issue, but you must have some love and caring of
the country you live in. Israel in-spite of all the liberal-leftist
rethorics, is still the only Democracy in the Middle East and you are
allowed to leave if you do not like it.
It is one thing to legitimately criticize and question one's
government policies and behavior in the press and thru the Ballot Box
as well as in public demonstarations. It is however a straight-forward
insanity to exploit any academic setting in order to spread & preach
hatred of Israel and thus intellectually/practically seeking its

Please forward this message to BGU, to all AABGU membership and to all
Jewish community organizations in the United States & Canada.

Sent to:

Professor Rivkah Carmi -

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer Sheva 84105
Tel. 07-4611111
Fax 07-237682

Yes, I did send similar emails in the past, but I am so angered by
BGU's silence & in-action, that I need you all to help and deluge BGU
and the AABGU and its international officers with this outrageous

Some of us met with Prof. Rivkah Carmi a few months ago at the Beverly
Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. She looked us straight in the eyes and
told us that Neve Gordon would be side-lined or monitored or
disciplined. However, thus far nothing happened to stop this insane
ideologocal-educational sabotage against Israel within the magnificent
campus of BGU. This makes President Carmi of BGU a hypocrite and a

Up to now, Neve Gordon had been merely a "lecturer" but he was
recently promoted to "Associate Professor", ultimately he is rewarded
by becoming the Dean of the Dept. of Political & Government
Sciences??? For what? for an undistinguished academic, whose writings
tend toward hysterical anti-Israel propaganda, how did they justify
it? Officials assembled a panel of far-leftist evaluators, who
requested letters from other far-leftist anti-Israel radicals, and
that did it. Like promotes like.

With such Professors blossoming on Israeli Universities campuses, who
needs enemies like Achmadinejad? With professors like Neve Gordon, who
needs to read the "Charters" and the "Covenents" of the PLO? Fatah?
Hamas? and the Hezbullah, that not only do not recognize Israel and
its very rights to exist, but specifically call for Israel's
destruction ??? Does Neve Gordon teach his students about 1,000,000
Jewish Refugees from the Arab countries & from Iran that Israel fully
absorbed since 1948???
I am astonished, disappointed, enraged and heartbroken,
Yitzchak (Yitz) Dekel, M.A.
(Former Dir. of AABGU in Los Angeles & West Coast region, 1982-1987)

2. The big story in the Israeli media this week is the "apology" and
"retraction" from Richard Goldstone, the South African stooge who
played court Jew for the UN's Bash-Israel commission after Israel's
Cast Lead operation. As you recall, Goldstone simply took at face
value the smears of Israel produced by the far-leftist NGO's
functioning within Israel, funded by foreign agencies hostile to
Israel led by the New Israel Fund. The starting hypothesis of
Goldstone and his cronies was that Israel must always be presumed
guilty of war crimes until proven innocent.

A few days ago, Goldstone recanted in an article published in the
Washington Post:

Oh, and why was his "apology" in the Washington Post? Cause the New
York Slimes, er I mean Times, refused to run it. See,7340,L-4051762,00.html

The news of the "apology" appeared yesterday in all the Israeli
newspapers. I found the most interesting twist to this development
the fact that the news story of Goldstone's "regrets" appeared
literally right next to another news story about regrets, taken from
documents related to the trial of Adolf Eichmann. In those, Eichmann
expressed HIS regrets that he had not managed to kill even more Jews.
Was I the only one who found the juxtaposition of the two "regrets"

Yesterday the Zionist student organization IM TIRTZU held protests in
front of the home of Naomi Chazan, the head of the New Israel Fund,
with posters reading, "Goldstone has apologized, when will you and the
New Israel Fund do so?" A large ad also appears on the front page of
Haaretz today placed by the same Im Tirtzu, with a cartoon of Chazan,
but this time without her usual standard rhino horn. See

See these pieces on the "new" Goldstone: and,7340,L-4051189,00.html

Oh, and remember how Tikkun publisher Mikey Lerner, "Rabbi Moonbeam,"
kept giving Goldstone "awards" as the world's greatest "Tikkun" role
model? What are the chances that Mikey will stop puffing on his joint
long enough to issue his own correction?

3. A truly inspirational story:,7340,L-4050854,00.html

4. The pogromchiks are again organizing a flotilla of terrorist ships
to try to challenge Israeli control of the seas around Gaza. Guess
how many attempts these same people have made to send ships in to
break the embargo of Tripoli or to send assistance to Muammar
Khaddafi's troops!! Guess what the allies would do to any such ships
trying to break the "siege" of Tripoli!!

Oh, and yesterday the allied planes by mistake bombed some Libyan
anti-Khaddafi rebels. This - after the almost daily incidents in
which civilians in Afghanistan become collateral damages of allied
anti-terror attacks. No Goldstone commissions investigating THOSE of
course, so Goldstone need never express any regrets in regard to THOSE
cases. Nevertheless, the inability of the most sophisticated
technology to achieve "surgical precision" in those other places will
not prevent the Western campus Hitlerjugend for denouncing Israel
every time a "Palestinian civilian" is injured in an anti-terror

5. Update and correction on the "Olive Tree Initiative" disgrace:
I had some errors in the posting I sent earlier about this. It was an
initiative by the University of California at Irvine, which has become
America's worst campus for Islamist extremism (where Israel's
ambassador was shouted down and prevented from speaking). Evidently
the Jewish "Federation" of Orange County is supporting the
"initiative" with its funds. The UCI students were sent to make
pilgrimage to Hamas terrorists.

This is not the ONLY Jewish "Federation" using its funds to finance
radical anti-Israel activism. See also this:

Here is more info9rmation on this: Cal Irvine students met with Hamas leader
March 31, 2011
SAN FRANCISCO (JTA) — Students from the University of California,
Irvine met with a Hamas leader during a 2009 student trip to Israel.
The Institute for Jewish and Community Research said it learned
recently that the university's branch of the Olive Tree Initiative, an
Israeli-Palestinian peace organization, arranged for a meeting between
the Irvine students and a Hamas leader in the West Bank while the
students were on a trip to Israel in September 2009. The institute is
protesting the meeting.

The meeting was revealed in correspondence between the university and
the Jewish Federation of Orange County, California, which protested
the meeting. In October 2009, the federation sent UC Irvine's
chancellor a letter complaining of the meeting and saying the students
were told to keep the meeting secret. That was to avoid problems
re-entering Israel, the letter alleged, and to avoid angering local
Jewish organizations, including the federation, which at one time was
the initiative's biggest single funder.
The letter said the federation had reviewed the trip itinerary ahead
of time with the faculty member and graduate students in charge, and
was "surprised to learn" afterward "that they conducted an unapproved,
off-itinerary meeting with Aziz Duwaik." The federation demanded that
the university investigate the incident. The university did, and later
acknowledged that the meeting was inappropriate and unapproved, a
federation official, Jay Feldman, told JTA this week. The individual
who led the trip was reprimanded, and the university pledged that the
incident would not repeat itself — and it hasn't, Feldman said. Duwaik
is the speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, but for years
he had been a leader of Hamas, the federation letter noted. Hamas is a
designated terrorist organization according to the United States,
Israel and many European countries.

The Institute for Jewish and Community Research this week urged UC
Irvine to "respond to this serious misuse of funds and gross violation
of public trust."

The University of California system is facing federal anti-Semitism
complaints against its Berkeley and Santa Cruz campuses. In December
2007, a federal civil rights investigation into similar allegations at
UC Irvine by the Department of Education found "insufficient evidence"
that the university failed to respond to complaints by Jewish students
that they were being harassed.

6. The world's best anti-BDS (anti-boycott) web site is at Stop in!

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