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The Israeli Far Left rallies to Support and Comfort the Families of the Murderers of the Itamar Babies

1. See this photo of the head of the communist-front Israeli "peace"
group Machsom Watch, paying a pilgrimage visit to the mother of one of
the MURDERERS of the Itamar babies, to support and comfort the mother
of the MURDERER:

Needless to say, the "woman" in question did not go to Itamar to
comfort the victims of the murder.

Leftists Visit, Hug Mother of Fogel Murderer
Nissan 17, 5771, 21 April 11 09:02
by Gil Ronen
( Several ultra-leftist groups organized a
visit to the Arab village of Awarta on Saturday, April 16, in support
of the villagers and against the IDF's activities there in the search
for the murderers of Ruth and Rabbi Ehud Fogel and their children Yoav
(11), Elad (4) and Hadas (three months).
The leftists visited several homes in the Samaria village, including
that of the Awad family, which spawned the murderers. The identities
of the confessed murderers were released for publication on Sunday,
the day after the visit. The murderers were already in IDF custody at
the time of the leftists' visit and their arrest - including the fact
that they are relatively young - was already widely rumored and hinted
at by the press.

A photograph from the visit which can be viewed here, posted by one of
the activists on her Internet blog, shows Raya Yaron, spokeswoman of
Machsom Watch, comforting a woman described as being 37 years old and
"in a deep depression." The blogger explained in her post that the
woman fainted during the leftist women's visit and was distraught over
the arrest of her husband, her two sons and a daughter.

The woman is easily recognizable as Nuf Awad, mother of Hakem Awad,
whose photograph was featured on the front page of Arab newspaper
al-Hayat al-Jadida Monday.

"It is impossible that my son did this," she is quoted by the paper as
saying. "My son doesn't know how to slaughter a chicken" (the
translation is from the Seventh Eye media-watch website). The two
murderers confessed, however, to slaughtering five human beings and
investigators reported that they expressed no remorse, and even said
that had they realized there were two more children sleeping in the
house, they would have killed them as well. They saw no problem in
slitting baby Hadas's throat, they explained, since she was a Jew.

Another leftist visitor, Yaakov Manor of the Center for Alternative
Information, described the visit thus on the AIC's Hebrew website:

"The horror that we witnessed at the home of the family of Muhammad
Awad cannot be described as anything but a pogrom - a primitive and
brutal act of revenge intended to strike fear and awe into the hearts
of the residents..."

"The father, Muhammad, 45, the son Majdi, 20, a third year university
student, the son Amjad, 19, a freshman university student, and the son
Hakem, 17, were arrested."

At about the same time that Manor wrote the post, a court lifted a gag
order and allowed the press to publish the names and photos of the
murder suspects. One of them was 17 year old Hakem Awad. The other was
his cousin, Amjad Awad, who is apparently not the same Amjad mentioned
above as brother of Hakem.

Machsom Watch is a women's group that interferes with soldiers looking
for weapons and explosives at checkposts and is a member of the
Women's Coalition for Peace. Both are radical groups that espouse a
pacifist, anti-religious and anti-Western brand of gender feminism,
and both received considerable funding from the New Israel Fund as
recently as 2007, according to NGO Monitor.

Despite allegations of siding with Israel's enemies, the New Israel
Fund is still perceived as a legitimate body by many liberals in
Israel and outside it.

As reported on Arutz Sheva, Israel Online Ambassadors said Sunday that
these leftist groups had crossed a red line. "The time has come to
make leftist groups that support murderers illegal. Whoever supports
baby killers has no place in a democratic society," the group said in
a statement.

Nuf Awad on Al-Hayat al-Jadida: 'he couldn't slaughter a chicken' %ad%

2. The news of the massive refusal of Jewish donors to support Ben
Gurion University as long as it continues to operate as Israel's
University of Treason continues to thunder in Israel.

In the Hebrew news web site News1 comes an interesting Op-Ed
written by Yehuda Drori. The writer was once in charge of fundraising
for the Keren Kayemet fund in the American southwest. His article in
News1 is entitled, "No Contributions to Slanderers and their Patrons."
His article calls on people to contact donors and supporters of Ben
Gurion University and other Israeli schools, and to call upon them NOT
to support those academics involved in slandering Israel and serving
anti-Semites and Israel bashers.

The following my translation of the article:

There is only one choice left to those of us who seek the eviction of
those who slander Israel from Israel's academic institutions, and it
is to appeal directly to donors and contributors to these schools,
both foreign and Israeli donors, and to clarify to them that their
generosity is being misused by these institutions to serve
anti-Semitism and the enemies of the country.

Thirty years ago I was in charge of fundraising for the Keren Kayemet
in the American southwest. I was generally successful in this
capacity, especially when persuading donors that their contributions
were serving Israel's development. Hundreds of generous Jews from
outside Israel contribute each year to Israeli universities, as well
as to hospitals and other projects that contribute towards Israel's

A few years back I discovered that a university in northern Israel (he
means University of Haifa -- SP) had eliminated all benefits for
Israeli army vets. At the same time, it not only created preferences
and benefits for Arab students, but also granted to them the right to
organize politically on campus, including holding of incitement
rallies against the country. The university refused to do anything
at all about this, and simply barricaded itself behind the distorted
mantras about supposed 'equality and democracy.'

It should be crystal clear that the status of an army vet who served
his country for three years is not the same as that of an Arab youth
who sat at home or worked for wages during the same period. It is
clear that equality does not begin just at the university gate. And
it is also clear that criminal incitement is not part of freedom of
speech. Especially not chants of "Massacre the Yids" or the flying of
PLO flags on campus. It also does not grant the right to silence
speakers on campus who happen to oppose the 'rights' of the
'Palestinian people.'

Since there was no response at all to direct appeals to the officers
of this university, I obtained the list of donors to the school and
sent personal letters to each one, including translations of newspaper
clippings. I described for them the outrageous scandal they were
supporting. How they were in fact being put in the position of
supporting anti-Semites and anti-Zionists. And I learned that my
efforts bore fruit.

The officers of the school revoked most of the pseudo-"egalitarian"
decisions that had been made. It placed constraints on the campus
political activities of Arab students. This shows that if you want to
create a separation between criminal incitement and freedom of speech,
it is necessary to hit the phony "enlightened" do-gooders and bleeding
hearts smack in their wallets!

We recently read in Maariv about an American donor who has frozen a
promised contribution to Ben Gurion University because of the campus
web of anti-Israel and pro-PLO incitement being operated from within
by Neve Gordon. At the same time the CEO of the university, Rivka
Carmi, who is herself identified with the Left, defends and justifies
Gordon and his repulsive activities, all supposedly in the name of
academic freedom and democracy, slogans that have become the last
refuge of all haters of Israel and enemies of the country.

Next month hundreds of donors will be coming to Israel from all
corners of the Diaspora to the Board of Governors meetings of Ben
Gurion University. It is my intention, and everyone is welcome to
join me, to explain to these representatives from all over the world
that their support for Ben Gurion University must be conditioned on
the eviction of the criminal inciter Neve Gordon and of his enabler
Rivka Carmi.

All the chatter and patter about friendly persuasion and compromise
with the university have long been proven to be pointless. We are in
a war for our future and our image, and the enemy must be neutralized.
Today we know who that enemy is and how to deal with him.

The full article in Hebrew appears here:

3. Israel's main Fifth Column:,7340,L-4059449,00.html
Israel's OTHER Fifth Column:,7340,L-4059570,00.html

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