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Israel's Beautiful People Rend their Designer Jeans over Terrorist Mer-Khasin

Perhaps nothing so illuminated the true nature of the Israeli
chattering classes and the Israeli Far Left, the two groups largely
overlapping, as the past week's outpouring of passion and grief over
the murder in Jenin of "half-Jewish, half Arab" terrorist Juliano Mer
Khasin. Mer was offed by Islamist terrorists, probably because he was
a Jew, sort of one. One cannot pick up am Israeli newspaper or open
an Israeli news web service without running up against one piece after
the next proclaiming the murder of Mer a cosmic tragedy, a
catastrophic "death of hope." Mer-Khasin was proclaimed almost
everywhere one looked as the ultimate symbol of Middle East
reconciliation. Even "moderate" Israeli leftists, those not openly
communist or "anarchist," wept their eyes out and rended their
designer jeans at the great tragedy. And every anti-Semitic web site
on earth, even the Neo-Nazi "Counterpunch" web site of Alexander
Cockburn (or, as I call him, Alexander Burncock), ran long maudlin
pieces about how boo-hoo sad they were over the murder of Mer Khasin.
Many pretended not to know WHO killed Mer. See this for example:

I suspect that the only statement you ran across claiming that Mer
Khasin was a disgusting terrorist, one the world was much better off
without, was the one you got from me. But I have now been joined by
Kalman Liebskind, who is a young columnist at Maariv, and - in my
opinion - the very best Op-Ed writer now active in Israel.

Why is the wacky Israeli Left so enamored with Juliano Mer Khasin?
I suspect it is because Mer-Khasin represents the ultimate leftist
fantasy. Son of a Jewish communist woman who married an Arab
communist and raised Juliano as an Arab anti-Semite, Mer Khasin
personifies the post-Jewish fantasy of the radical self-hating Israeli
Left, seeking the post-Jew morphing into a Palestinian. It is the wet
dream that all radical Israeli leftists seem to pursue.

I counted 126,000 web sites "mourning" Mer. Here the
international Left found its perfect hero – a half-Jew joining in
Palestinian terrorism and promoting the annihilation of Israel. Who
says that leftists hate all Jews? – here is one they ADORE!

Even seemingly sane and moderate Israeli leftists, like Eitan
Haber, a stalwart in the Israeli Labor Party (and one-time senior
defense advisor to Yitzhhak Rabin), cried their eyes out at the
passing of the great "symbol of hope and peace." (Haber was the
fellow who pronounced back in 95 the now famous statement, "The state
of Israel announces in dismay the death of Yitzhak Rabin," and so in
some ways represents the early Oslo "process" of Rabin and old-style
Labor Party ideology.)

Just what exactly was Mer a symbol of? The answer is terrorism,
Arab fascism, and anti-Semitism.

Kalman Liebskind in today's paperblasts to smithereens the
hypocritical "mourning" over Mer Khasin much better than I did. He
attacks the legions of Israeli talking heads on TV, on radio, and in
the print media, wringing their hands melodramatically over the death
of this great symbol of peace. Here are some excerpts from
Liebskind's column today in Maariv (April 8):

"The newspapers that filled pages after pages with hype about the
romantic character of Mer did not allow any facts to lead them astray.
Haaretz' Tzipi Shohat wrote about the beautiful soul who devoted his
life to spreading the message of peace. Yediot Ahronot ran Eitan
Haber proclaiming poetically that along with Mer the hope for peace
died. Maariv (Liebskind's own paper -- SP) ran Gila Almagor
expressing her passionate yearning for 'the most beautiful of men, a
wild stallion, whom I loved so much.' Juliano Mer's extremist
politics, and they alone, allowed this violent, vile person, vulgar
without precedent, a man who threw rocks at demonstrators he disliked,
who physically assaulted the late Haaretz cartoonist Zeev, who
strangled one actress while punching a second one - only HIS POLITICS
allowed this creature still to enjoy the adoration of his comrades and
fans, proclaiming their love for him

"The director Avi Nesher declared that this week he felt like a member
of his own family had died. Amos Gitai, a film producer, saw Mer as
the 'third generation of people who sought to redress with their own
bodies the hate between nations.' Almagor asked, 'Who could have
possibly killed, on the ground in Jenin, a man in front of his own
son?' As if she does not know exactly who could and did. As if she
had no idea whatsoever who Mer's friends and associates were. As if
no one ever told her about the theater student from Mer's Jenin
theater who went off and murdered four women in a terrorist attack in
Hadera, Israel. As if she simply forgot that Mer's best friend was
terrorist leader Zakaria Zabeidi, in the past commander of terror
units in Jenin. You take a look at this gang of chatterers and have
trouble understanding the blindness that prevents them from seeing the
assault rifle pointed at them, a rifle they insist is the beak of a
white dove of peace.

"These 'heroes of our culture' continued to adore Mer even after he
signed a petition demanding that their own cultural and artistic
institutions be boycotted by everyone in the world. These groupies of
Mer applauded him even when he proclaimed Zionism 'one of the worst
crimes against humanity in history.' They continued to swoon at his
beauty when he served as the spokesman for the suicide bombers. They
simply turned the page when they read his statements of glee in the
newspapers whenever Arafat's people shot and bombed Israelis. When
Mer supported and celebrated the lying libelous smear film produced by
Mohammed Bakri called 'Jenin, Jenin," a filthy piece of incitement
against Israeli soldiers, the 'heroes of culture' demanded to continue
to stand by Mer's side. When Mer proclaimed that his dream was to see
a single Palestinian state stretching from the Mediterranean to the
Jordan River, encompassing all of Israel, the 'heroes' beatified him
as a great seeker of peace. When Mer told a newspaper interviewer
that he endorsed all violence that was directed against policemen,
racists, fascists and Israelis from the Right, he was proclaimed by
the Israeli bleeding hearts a great master of reconciliation.

"These are the pathetic members of the gang who this week declared
that with Mer's death all chances for peace also died. Mer himself
always cursed these people, and endorsed terrorist violence against
them, served as apologist and spokesman for those who bombed them.
These are little Jewish Uncle Toms, who still applaud him and now
mourn him with passion and romance."


One addition to Liebskind. Mer Khasin's partner in the Jenin
"liberation theater" where he worked was none other than Dror Feiler.
You may recall Feiler as the bloke who constructed a sculpture exhibit
in Sweden to celebrate as "Snow White Pure" the woman suicide bomber
who murdered 23 Israelis, including children, in the Haifa Maxim
restaurant. Feiler was also one of the terrorists on the Gaza
Flotilla ship, on which the savages attempted to murder unarmed
Israeli soldiers.

And just to complete the picture of the passionate determination of
the Israeli media to pursue national self-annihilation, just this week
one Israeli TV station aired a propaganda film about Pnina Feiler, the
Stalinist pro-terror mother of Dror
( ). She was one of
the people promoting and celebrating Tali Fahima, the Jewish Israeli
woman who was jailed for helping her Palestinian terrorist boyfriend
plan terror atrocities. (Fahima's terrorist boyfriend was the very
same Zakaria Zubeida who headed the Jenin theater in which Mer
worked!) Momma Feiler too is a great romantic heroine and role model
seeking peace and reconciliation. So perhaps the hope of the post-Mer
Israeli chattering classes is not completely dead after all.

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