Monday, April 04, 2011

Jenin Terrorists Murder a Cheerleader for Terrorism

Juliano Mer-Khamis, who was shot and killed today in Jenin, was a
terrorist. He was perhaps the most open cheerleader for Palestinian
terrorism in Israel, certainly in Israeli "theater." And he was
murdered by Palestinian savages who regarded him as a Jew. This is so
ironic because Mer did not regard himself as a Jew.

He who lives by the terrorist rifle, or at least by cheerleading the
terrorist rifle, today died of the terrorist rifle.

Mer-Khamis was born in Nazareth to a Jewish mother and an Arab
(Christian) father. (Under such circumstances in Israel, the person
may opt to define himself for population registry purposes as either a
Jew or an Arab. I am pretty sure he opted to be counted as an Arab.)
That did not help him in Jenin today.

Mer-Khamis spent years as an actor employed by the leftist politicized
Haifa municipal theater. (I once was a season ticket holder there but
stopped this almost 30 years ago because of the obnoxious politics!)

He made no attempt to hide his endorsements for Arab mass murders and
terrorist attacks against Jews. He collaborated with terrorists,
including Zakariya Zubeidi, the former military leader of the Al-Aqsa
Martyr Brigades in that West Bank city. (Zubeidi was the terrorist
boyfriend of Tali Fahima, the Jewish leftist woman who did jail time
for helping him plan terrorist atrocities.) I believe he named his
daughter after a terrorist.

Mer Khamis was so extremist that he was even praised today by Haaretz:
Michael Handesaltz, senior editor and theater critic for Haaretz,
described Mer-Khamis as a "great actor, an extraordinary human being
whose life-story is part of the tragic reality of this country", who
in his death became "another tragic victim of life in the Middle
East". In 2005 Mer was ordered to pay compensation to a right-wing
activist, Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, after Mer assaulted him.

Here is the news story from leftist YNET:,7340,L-4052070,00.html

Actor Juliano Mer-Khamis shot dead in Jenin

Fayyad vows to find killers of pro-Palestinian activist who
established Freedom Theater in refugee camp
Elior Levy

The Israeli-Arab actor Juliano Mer-Khamis was shot to death in Jenin,
Palestinian police in the West Bank announced.

The actor was shot by a number of masked men who fired at him while he
was sitting in his car near the theater he established, afterwards
fleeing the scene, witnesses say. Mer-Khamis has resided in Jenin and
Haifa alternately.

Civil Administration officials say his body has been transferred to
the Abu-Kabir Forensic Institute.

Actor shot while parked outside of theater (Photo: AFP)

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad vowed a few hours later to
find whoever had killed Mer-Khamis. "We must not ignore this heinous
crime," he said, calling the murder "a gross violation of humane
values and against the morals of our people".

Fayyad added that he had ordered security services to catch the
criminals. "We must treat this crime seriously," he said. "We must not
allow, under any circumstances, security chaos."

The 52-year old Mer-Khamis, a pro-Palestinian political activist born
to a Jewish mother and Arab father, has previously received death
threats after establishing the Freedom Theater at Jenin's refugee

Jenin Governor Kadura Musa denounced the murder, saying he "strongly
condemns the murder of Mer-Khamis, who showed solidarity with the
Palestinian people."

Musa stated that Palestinian security forces have yet to obtain any
information on the identity of the killers, but noted that a special
committee will be set up to examine the circumstances of the incident.

Residents of the refugee camp disseminated fliers in 2009 calling the
actor a fifth column. "If words don't help we will have to speak in
bullets," the fliers said.

The theater, which became one of the city's main culture centers since
its establishment five years ago, has sustained many firebomb attacks.
In April of 2009 the theater's door was torched.

'Never been as Jewish as I am in Jenin'
In an interview with Ynet that year, Mer-Khamis said he feared for his
life. "But what choice do I have? To run? I am not a fleeing man," he

"I am an elite force man, formerly of the paratroopers. The only two
things I gained from Israeli culture are Shlonsky's translations of
Shakespeare and adequate field training. Now I need it."

However, the actor added, he was taking precautions. Of those behind
the fliers he said, "It makes them crazy that a man who is half-Jewish
is at the head of one of the most important projects in the
Palestinian West Bank and it is just hypocritical racism."

"I have never been as Jewish as I am right now in Jenin. After all
this work at the camp it would be extremely unfortunate to die of a
Palestinian bullet," he added in a moment of clairvoyance.

Mer-Khamis began his acting career in 1984, when he starred opposite
Diane Keaton in 'The Little Drummer Girl'. He has also starred in Amos
Gitai's 'Kippur', and was nominated for Best Actor by the Israeli
academy for the film 'Tahara' in 2002.

The actor also starred in numerous theater productions, including a
monologue. In 2002 he visited children who grew up in Jenin, and who
his mother took in at a kindergarten she established in the refugee
camp. He documented his visit in the film 'Arna's Children', which won
a prize at Canada's HotDocs festival.

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