Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous items:

1. Jewish anti-Semites:,7340,L-4052646,00.html

2. You may have heard that a new movie is being made
) that tries to revive the Three Stooges show of the 60s. I just
wanted to mention that the original Stooge Larry (actually Larry
Fein), the one with the long curly hair
( went to my
high school. He was the most distinguished alumnus of the school,
serving as my role model for years!

3. Leftwing Fascism at Brandeis:

4. Palestinian prenatal care:

5. The savages: And the other two-thirds think it was not murderous

6. Abbas and the Newest Plan of Stages:

7. An interesting history lesson:

8. When celebs turn anti-Semitic:

9. Let's Cede Shimon Peres to Syria:

10. When the "Jewish" Federations Fund the Enemy:

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