Thursday, April 14, 2011

Neve Gordon gets the "Qaddafi Award in Human Rights"
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Thursday, April 14, 2011
The Qaddafi Prize in Human Rights, to Ben Gurion University Propagandist

Above, Little Neve, Muammar's darling

A few days ago we reported that Ben Gurion University was about to
hold a conference on "human rights," in which every single speaker
participating would be an anti-Israel Far Leftist. Not a single
pro-Israel speaker would be allowed to speak.

Here was - once again - an example of the one-sided anti-Israel
indoctrination "conferences" so popular in Israeli academic
institutions. These are held regularly by the politics department at
BGU, events which Ben Gurion University's cabbagehead president, Rivka
Carmi, just cannot find. This "conference" was largely the initiative
of the anti-Semitic pro-terror pseudo-academic Neve Gordon, who claims
to teach "human rights" courses in the Department of Politics at BGU.
But for Gordon, the only human rights that need defending are the
rights of Arabs to murder Jews. Gordon has never heard of any human
rights for Jews deserving of protection. His calls for boycotting and
eliminating Israel appear, among other places, on the web sites of
Holocaust Deniers and Neo-Nazis, in al-Jazeera, and in the state
newspaper of Iran. Gordon was in the headlines a few days ago for
justifying the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit. Virtually all of Gordon's
"academic record" consists of churning out anti-Israel hate
propaganda, and it was thanks to this hate propaganda that BGU awarded
Gordon tenure and keeps promoting him. These promotions have the
blessings of Rivka Carmi as well as the leftist Rector and
ultra-leftist Dean of Social Sciences at BGU.

In our earlier posting, we referred to this week's one-sided
bash-Israel "conference" as Ben Gurion University's Nuremberg Rally.
The only "violator" of human rights discussed at the "conference" was
Israel. No one at the conference could discern any human rights abuses
in the 100 years of Arab anti-Jewish terrorism or genocidal
aggression. No one could discern any violations of human rights in
Libya or Syria or Yemen.

Today the Israeli daily Maariv carries a scoop, available only in
Hebrew, which can be read here. Members of the Zionist student
organization "Im Tirtzu" crashed the Nuremberg Rally at Ben Gurion
University. They handed out to participants copies of a diploma,
announcing the award to Neve Gordon of the Muammar Qaddafi Prize in
Human Rights. As you recall, Qaddafi's people sit in the UN's "Human
Rights Commission," and their ideas about human rights are exactly the
same as those of Neve Gordon: namely, that pretend concern for "human
rights" is a great bludgeon to use to destroy Israel.

Maariv cites officials at Ben Gurion University who expressed
unhappiness with the one-sided anti-Israel character of the
"conference." That did not have any effect on the content or the
organizers, who just went ahead and held their Nuremberg Rally in
campus facilities paid for by the Israeli taxpayer. Gordon himself is
cited by Maariv as saying that there is also opposition in Iran and
Syria to human rights conferences. He is wrong. The sort of conference
he ran, consisting entirely of Israel bashing, is precisely the sort
of "human rights conference" that Libya and Syria often happily host.

You can see the diploma for the Qaddafi Prize here:

It says: Hereby is the Certificate of the Granting of the Muammar
Qaddafi Prize in Human Rights, for the category of brainwashing and
silencing critics and for having the intellectual weight of a fly,
awarded to Dr. Neve Gordon for his work in promoting our joint agenda.
The destruction of Jerusalem will comfort us! Diploma signed by: Azmi
Bishara (Israeli Arab traitor now in hiding, wanted for terrorism and
espionage), Che Guevara, and Joseph dze Jughashvili (Stalin's original

Meanwhile, the wonderful LATMA web site has also run an item about
this. Latma is the delicious web site run by Caroline Glick that keeps
coming up with those incredible songs and parodies. Writing about
Gordon and his Qaddafi Prize (in Hebrew only) Latma calls for a
responsible adult to remind the Maariv writers just who and what
Gordon is. (Latma believes the Maariv piece did not come close to
describing what a treasonous monstrosity Gordon really is.)

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