Thursday, April 21, 2011

The World's best Illustration of Leftwing Academic Fascism

Subject: Interesting hysterical interview with BGU's Neve Gordon

Attacks Isracampus

Fact-free Neve strikes again! Neve Gordon (politics, BGU) attacks
Isracampus on anti-Israel radical web site "972+"

Claims we are "collaborating with the government to stifle academic
freedom." This from the fellow who organizes conferences in which no
non-leftist and no Zionist may speak! When asked why that is, Gordon
responds: "The whole notion of 'balanced' is now being used as a
weapon against the left. If there's a conference on Darwin we do not
need to invite creationists. For a Holocaust conference we should not
be inviting Holocaust deniers – although one could claim that in the
name of balance we would have to. Why, one might ask, should we invite
people who are against human rights?" In other words, all ZIonists
and non-leftists are opposed to human rights."

Actually, Little Neve's comments about Holocaust Deniers are
interesting, given his long track record of collabroation with and
celebration of Holocaust Deniers.

Another Excerpt from Interview:

Gordon says:
"There's an assault on Israeli academia in general. It involves an
alliance between forces such as IsraCampus and Israel Academic Monitor
on the one hand, who try to convince donors to stop giving money to
universities that harbor leftists, and Im Tirzu, which tries to
mobilize government Ministers and Members of Knesset to pressure the
top university executives to discipline recalcitrant academics.
There's an alliance between elements in civil society, a handful of
donors, and the government to stifle academic freedom and criticism of
Israeli policy. The phenomenon is not only in the academic sphere…it
also includes, for example, the attacks on the human rights
organizations in Israel.
"As I understand it, the assault has a twofold objective. The idea is
to prevent the flow of information from Israel abroad, and because
both academics and the Israeli human rights community have strong
networks outside of Israel they are the one's currently targeted.
Simultaneously, there is an attempt to stifle internal debate, by
reducing the limiting discussions about policies that lead to social
wrongs and more violence and aggression....
"We are seeing a totally new phenomenon in Israeli academia: students
sitting in class, filming the classes and then passing information on
to the monitor groups and the media. The recordings are almost always
edited, so the information doesn't reflect what really went on in
class. Such students consider themselves to be class monitors ,
rather than people who have come to the university in order to study,
broaden their horizon and expand their knowledge…not unlike the
McCarthy era in the US, some Israeli student see themselves as agents
of the state, as spies."

The interviewer Dahlia Scheindlin is herself a leftwing anti-Zionist
who teaches politics at BGU, who was hired and is employed by Neve
Gordon's department
(her web site is censoring out talkbacks from non-leftists)

The entire interview is at

Tuesday, April 19 2011|Dahlia Scheindlin
Academic Freedom Under Attack? Interview with Prof. Neve Gordon

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