Friday, May 27, 2011

Get to Know the Jewish Anti-Semite!

1. A Simple Peace Plan - Re-Nakba Now!

2. There is a now booklet available that has just come out about
Jewish Anti-Semites in the US and in Israel, especially in academia.
Entitled, "Jewish Enablers of the War against Israel," the 64 page
booklet is written by me and published by the Davir Horowitz Freedom
Center in California. They are selling it for $3 but much less for
bulk orders. I am not sure if there is a postage charge. If you are
interested, you can order copies from and at POB 55089, Sherman Oaks, CA

It is a detailed expose of the worst Jewish anti-Semitic rogues. It
could be very useful for campus activists. If you are not in the US,
you might be able to get them to waive the dollar fee.

3. As usual, the best way to evaluate political developments in
Israel is to watch "Haaretz" Op-Eds and editorials. If they are
hysterical and screaming, something very good must have happened.

And the foaming at the mouth hysteria this week at Haaretz in response
to the Netanyahu speech in Congress says it all. It is amusing
watching the Israeli radical Left spout its "frustration" and
disappointment" over the Netanyahu speech.

To put this into perspective, it must be emphasized that the only
speech that Netanyahu could have given that would NOT be a grave
disappointment for Haaretz and the Left would be if he stood up in
Congress to announce the total capitulation of Israel to all Arab
demands. If Bibi had announced immediate withdrawal to the 1967
borders, expulsion of all Jews from the West Bank, including from
Jerusalem suburbs, turning all of Jerusalem over to the savages,
acceptance of an unlimited Palestinian "right of return," creation of
an Arab parliament inside Israel that has veto power over Knesset
decisions, and a confiscation of 2/3 of the wealth of all Jews in
Israel to be turned over to the "Palestinians" as reparations – only
THIS would be accepted by them as a satisfactory performance. But was
the Left seriously expected Bibi to do all that? If not, then just
what did it find "disappointing"?

4. The notorious anti-Semite Juan Cole from the University of
Michigan will be a keynote speaker at Ben Gurion University in a "show
conference" run while the university Board of Governors is in town,
held June 2, supposedly to speak about Iran.

Just who is Cole?

See these:

5. We recently reported that the University of Haifa showed
uncharacteristic good sense when it banned a campus appearance by the
Islamofascist terrorist Sheikh Salah, who runs the Islamist
fundamentalist movement inside Israel. The bloody sheikh, arrested
for his role in the flotilla aggression, was invited by the local Arab
student union. Last year the same sheikh spoke at Haifa U and called
for Arab students to become suicide bombers.

No sooner does the University of Haifa display common sense than Tel
Aviv University does the opposite. The very same Sheikh was invited
by Tel Aviv University and did indeed appear. See this:,7340,L-4073212,00.html

'The Sheikh was arrested in February for allegedly damaging and
setting fire to a Eucalyptus forest in Southern Israel. Prior to that
he was released from the Ayalon Prison in Ramla last December after
spending five months behind bars for attacking a policeman. In 2010,
Salah was also arrested after taking part in the calamitous aid
flotilla to Gaza. '

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