Sunday, May 29, 2011

Put them all together they spell TASER

1. Ah the poor, poor Israeli Radical Left. After working for years
for a world boycott of Israel in order to coerce the country into
ignoring Israeli voters and accepting the political platform of
Israel's Communist Party, suddenly some prominent Israeli Literary
Leftists are the targets of boycotts by anti-Semites. And that just
should not be, the Leftists are mooing. After all, THESE are OUR
people! These are writers who, like us, endorse capitulation by
Israel to Arab demands!

In particular, the Left is aghast that books by Amos Oz are to be
included in lists of books banned by groups in Scotland in retaliation
for Israeli "apartheid." See this report on that from the British
Jewish Chronicle:

But OZ is a GOOD Israeli, whine the leftists. We all want to boycott
the EVIL Israelis, like Ariel University professors and students and
people who cross the Green Line illegally to pray at the Western Wall,
but surely NOT nice people like the Scarecrow of Oz. So the Left is
now calling on the Scottish anti-Semites to fix their boycott lists
and stop the ban on Oz.

2. This is a hilarious story of an Israeli ultra-treasonous leftist
group whining about the "intellectual terrorism" of Israel's "Monitor"
web sites that track and expose anti-Israel activism:
Some NGO called the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and
Information just sent out a frantic fundraising letter, which reads in
Dear Friends of IPCRI
The financial situation for the entire peace community in Israel and
Palestine is become increasingly difficult. Traditional supporters
such as European governments and Foundations are being frightened away
from funding these activities because of the aggressive work of groups
like Im Tirtzu which try to intimidate organizations such as the New
Israel Fund and its supporters, and from the intellectual terrorism of
the NGO Monitor which frightens donors to shy away and even completely
cease the funding of Israeli and Palestinian peace and human rights
Boy, where to begin?
First, the degree to which "the" NGO Monitor is indeed influencing the
EU to reconsider their funding of radical NGOs who, far from promoting
peace, routinely go well beyond their "humanitarian" mandate to engage
in highly politicized campaigns to delegitimize and isolate the state
of Israel is a cause for celebration – as accountability, the last
time I checked, was still considered to be a progressive notion.
Also, its interesting how thin-skinned such groups are: large,
wealthy, and powerful (EU funded) NGOs who apparently feel
"intimidated" by one small watchdog group working to hold them
accountable by engaging in such insidious tactics as releasing long,
dry, well-researched, and generously footnoted monographs and, even on
occasion, a sharply worded press release!
Let there be no doubt, Gerald Steinberg's academic 'reign of terror'
is a chilling and ominous development, one which has evidently caused
a profound and palpable sense of fear across the land.
(Also, don't forget to purchase your "intellectual terrorism" gear, here)

3. The Cabbagehead president of Ben Gurion University, Rivka Carmi,
has an article in the Jerusalem Post today complaining about the evil
"Monitoring" web sites that track and expose anti-Israel extremism
among Israeli faculty members. I wonder whom she has in mind. In the
same piece, she ends up defending the Neve Gordons of her campus:

BGU President Rivka Carmi Hysterically Attacks groups that "Monitor"
anti-Israel Faculty Members in Israel
Defends the Neve Gordons as "Critical thinking and alternative perspectives"
Defends anti-Israel NGOs as "human rights watchdogs"


The truth is that these monitoring groups claim to be motivated by a
love of Israel, but in fact they have a clear political agenda which
they are willing to advance using the age-old method of blackmail.
Either Israeli universities accept their conditions and "remove" those
people with whom they disagree, or they will encourage donors to cut
off funding.

These are the kinds of attacks that do not allow for critical thinking
or alternate perspectives, and have created an atmosphere in Israel
today such that pro-human rights groups are being dismissed as
"anti-Zionist," only adding to the polarization of Israeli society.

4. Commentary Magazine this month runs a remarkable expose of
"B'tselem," the extremist anti-Israel NGO posing as a "human rights
watchdog." Written by Noah Pollak, the report is a must read. It is
a bit too long to post here, but you can read it in full for free

see also

5. It goes without saying that one always has to be skeptical of any
"news" reported in Haaretz, that Palestinian newspaper published in
Hebrew. The anti-Israel political bias oozes from every page of the
"newspaper." In a weekend story about the 1948 battle between Jews
and Arabs for control of Haifa, the "newspaper," to my amusement,
contained a sentence saying something like SO-and-so claims that the
Jews in Haifa were the victims, in contradiction to the widely
accepted perception that the Jews were the aggressors. Widely
accepted perception? Well, among Haaretz writers, it really IS!

Anyhow, my point is that just because something is reported in
Haaretz, we should be cautious in dismissing that story automatically
as being false.

Which brings me to the story of the Israeli police Taser-ing leftist
violent hoodlums holding anti-Jewish "demonstrations" in Jerusalem,
leftist thugs attacking police and breaking the law. Yes, I agree
that nothing with political implications reported in Haaretz can be
automatically believed. But I am hoping so hard, hoping and hoping,
that THIS story is accurate.

Read it here:


Police use tasers against J'lem demonstrators
The activists accused police of using excessive violence and of
allowing settlers to abuse them after they were detained.
Jerusalem police said in a statement that the protesters tried to get
into the neighborhood. They then blocked the entrance, police said,
and were forcibly dispersed. According to police, the taser was only
used after a protester attacked a police officer.
Aryeh King said in response that "a group of miscreants trespassed on
private property, blocked a road and held an illegal demonstration."
"The ones with the flag were trespassing on private property without
permission," he said. King denied that the detainees faced any abuse
following their arrest.
"I personally offered and gave cold water to those who were detained," he said.
Altogether now:

T is for the toughness we so yearned for
A is for the afterglow we feel
S is for the satisfying glimmer
E is for the elegance it speaks
R is for the rectitude of electrodes

Put them all together and they spell TASER!
Yes, TTTAAASSSEEERRRRR!!! TASER, my darling! Taser, my dear!

6. And yet another reason for celebration:

7. Middle East Tutorial:

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