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BGU leftist Faculty member calls for murdering Jews who Disagree with the Left

You may think that you already have heard everything about tenured
treason at Ben Gurion University, but I doubt even you are prepared
for the leftist faculty member at BGU who just came out with a call
for the murder of Israelis who do not agree with his leftwing

For months the cabbagehead president of Ben Gurion University,
Rivka Carmi, has been telling everyone and anyone willing to listen
that there are no tenured traitors at all at her university besides
Neve Gordon (SHE calls him a traitor!). She insists she is unaware of
any problem at her university besides Gordon. She has never heard of
the scores of other anti-Israel extremists on the faculty of her
university. She does not know about any of the BGU faculty cheering
on Hamas terror, cheering on the Qassam rockets fired into the Negev
by the terrorists, denouncing Israel as a fascist apartheid regime,
nor about the many BGU faculty supporting the "BDS" (boycott,
divestment, sanctions) movement of economic aggression against Israel.
She does not know about BGU faculty members who have called for
Israel to be annihilated. She does not know about BGU faculty members
who penalize and harass students when they fail to toe the anti-Israel
ideological mark of their professors. She does not know about entire
departments at BGU in which non-leftists and Zionists may not teach.
She does not know about indoctrination courses, where the entire
course consists of anti-Israel propaganda. She cannot find any
one-sided anti-Israel propaganda on campus either
). She does not know about BGU faculty who have gotten hired and
promoted and tenured on the basis of churning out anti-Israel hate
propaganda. There are no problems at all at BGU, insists Madame
Cabbagehead, other than Little Neve.

Well, let us introduce you to Dr. Eyal Nir, who teaches chemistry
at BGU, at least when he is not busy as an activist in the HADASH
Stalinist Party and other anti-Israel groups. Over the weekend, the
YNET news web site, run by Israel's largest daily Yediot Ahronot,
reported that Nir issued a call for murdering Israelis who fail to
support his far-leftist communist political positions. Specifically,
he called for the breaking of the necks of Israelis who march with
Israeli flags and support the right of Jews to live in neighborhoods
of East Jerusalem where Stalinists like Nir think that Jews do not

I attach the entire news report in English below.

Now for nearly two decades, ever since the Rabin assassination,
Israelis have been subjected to a totalitarian indoctrination of an
anti-democratic "theory" about that assassination, holding that the
exercise of freedom of speech by Right-wingers caused Rabin's death.
Because those Right-wingers opposed Rabin's "peace" policies and did
so loudly and impolitely, their "incitement" caused the murder. The
"theory" that "incitement" produces murder has been embraced by all of
the Israeli media and by almost all of the political establishment.
Even Likud leaders mouth their belief in it.

Preventing "incitement" that will cause violence is the figleaf
of the leftists in the Attorney General's office when they harass,
interrogate, and arrest rabbis and activists who express opinions of
which leftists disapprove. It goes without saying that anyone
expressing support for Kahanist ideas can expect to be arrested.
Israelis have been arrested for having politically incorrect bumper
stickers on their cars or on their tee shirts.

But the crusade of the Israeli establishment against freedom of
speech and "incitement" has never extended to incitement to murder by
leftists. Not a single leftist has ever been jailed for expressing
approval of terrorism, of murders against Jews, or for endorsing
anti-Semitic groups, ideas or positions. Just a few days ago, an
old-time communist named Gideon Spiro was briefly arrested after he
wrote an article cheering on Arab terrorist murders of Jews. He was
released immediately and will not be prosecuted:
Rabbis and their wives who have expressed the opinion that Jewish
single women should date Jewish men and not Arabs have been harassed
and interrogated for "racist incitement."

And so the Israeli dual justice system muddles along. Will Nir be
fired by Rivka Carmi for calling for murder? Will he be prosecuted?
You jest! If he had said that he believed that Rabin's policies were
responsible for the thousands of "Oslo" dead, he might well be fired
and indicted. If he had exoressed disapprove of children being raised
by homosexual couples we KNOW that Rivka Carmi would have him fired!

Last year, Neve Gordon claimed that he received an anonymous
"death threat" letter. At the time, we pointed out reasons for
suspecting that the letter, written in a child's hand, was bogus and
possibly a fabrication by Gordon himself. The heads of Ben Gurion
University, however, insisted that they took the "threat" literally
and seriously (see this:
). Will those same university officials who treated the supposed
"threat" againt Gordon as something real now take action against the
Doctor of Murder from their chemistry department? Will they continue
to insist that the enjoyment of freedom of speech and academic freedom
should be restricted to far-leftist anti-Israel extremists and denied
to those who criticize tenured extremists?

Here is the full report:,7340,L-4080623,00.html

Lecturer: Break rightists' necks

Doctor of Chemistry writes Facebook status calling Jerusalem Day
marchers 'gangs of bandits'
Ilana Curiel

A lecturer at Ben Gurion University has issued a Facebook call for
violence against right-wing activists who marched through the capital
with flags on Jerusalem Day, urging people to "break their necks".

"I call on the world to come and help break these scoundrels' necks,"
Eyal Nir, a doctor of Chemistry known as a left-wing activist, wrote
on the social networking site. He described the rightists as "gangs of
bandits swarming in our country".

But his status invited a deluge of negative responses. "What gross
incitement from a university 'lecturer'," one wrote.

Dr. Eyal Nir's Facebook page: Come help break their necks

"And what hypocrisy. Imagine a lecturer at Bar-Ilan saying all
leftists should have their necks broken. He'd be out of there before
he could press 'send'."

"It's incitement to violence and a criminal violation," wrote another
Facebook user. "I guess incitement is only criminal when it comes from
the Right."

Dr. Nir also linked an article about the arrest of a left-wing
protester on suspicion of incitement and called for "the removal of
the mask of liberalism from Israel's Zionist, occupying, settling, and
wild face."

In response to the comments he received on his posts, Dr. Nir says he
believes it was warranted.

"During the Jerusalem Day march a gang of a few dozen bullies walked
through the city's Arab streets calling death to Arabs, death to
leftists, burn their villages," he wrote.

"I believe that the response of any reasonable, peaceful and just
individual should be that they must be prevented from acting out their
threats such as in terrorist activities dubbed 'price tag'. I believe
my cry for stopping them is reasonable, and actually the silence from
society and the Israeli system in the face of this incitement to
terrorism and terror itself is what should be written about in the

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