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Darwin Awards on the Border, and End the Occupation of Corsica!

1. Proportionality?

Proportionality has been the bludgeon that the anti-Semites and
Hitlerjugend have been throwing against Israel and the Jews for years.
When genocidal terrorists kill 3 Jews, it is a crime against humanity
and a genocidal non-proportional response if Israel retaliates and
kills 4 terrorists.

And now there are new arenas of proportionality

First, there is the matter of foreskins.

So let's see if we have this straight. On the Left Coast of the US,
where every fourth store front is a tattoo parlor and next to it is a
body piercing parlor, the local Moonbatocracy is demanding that
circumcisions be banned because it is inhumane. This in the same San
Francisco that wants to deal with drug addiction by passing out clean
syringes and erects "No Drugs Zones" signs close to schools so the
locals know which streets should be avoided when they shoot up dope.

The jihad against circumcision:
Oh, and the campaign is being led by a local homosexual activist who
regards circumcision as unnatural deviance, immoral and sick. His
slogan, and I kid you not, is "Bring Back Saving Penises." His
"campaign" was described on the Daily Show thus: "Apparently, you can
leave your heart in San Francisco, but your foreskin is going home
with you!"

Read more:

A particularly nasty comic book was prepared to support the ban
against circumcision, entitled "Foreskin Man," and it portrays Jews in
images taken directly from Nazi magazines in the 1930s.

Then we have the other "proportionality" matter. The Syrian fascist
regime murders hundreds of its own civilians each week but then it
sends groups of Syrians to the border with Israel in order to create a
media diversion, hoping the world will stop talking about the regime's
own massacres. And suddenly Hillary is whining that ISRAEL needs to
display restraints and, of course, proportionality.

These people get paid significant amounts of money by Assad to get
shot at. In an unusual Darwin Award ceremony, they march across mine
fields, getting limbs blown off for the cameras. They toss Molotov
cocktails about, which often land close to the rioters themselves and
start fires in the dry brush, and then it turns out the Darwin Award
winners forgot to bring with them fire extinguishers. And when
Israeli troops stop firing at them to allow the rioters to extract
their wounded comrades, instead of extracting them the thugs exploit
the moment to advance on Israel's fence and attack Israeli troops.

The Syrian-paid Darwin Award winners attack the border fence and get
shot at by Israeli troops, who all too frequently use tear gas and
rubber bullets instead of live ammo. No other army on earth would
react to such behavior with "crowd control methods." I would love to
see ethnic German civilians attempt to force their way into Russian
Kalingrad in what was once East Prussia.

Here are some related stories:

A. Statement of the Syrian Reform Party:


Washington DC, June 5, 2011. The Reform Party of Syria has learned
today, from intelligence sources close to the Assad regime in Lebanon,
that Syrians storming through the Golan Height next to the Quneitra
crossing are Syrian farmers who have migrated in recent years from the
drought-stricken northeast Syria to the south. Estimates put the
number at 250,000 impoverished migrants.
Information received cite the regime has paid hundreds of these
farmers $1,000 each to show-up and $10,000 to their families should
any of them succumb to Israeli fire. In Syria, an average salary is
about $200 a month and to these impoverished farmers, such a one-time
sum can keep them economically afloat for six months.
Such tactic was used in the past by another defunct Ba'ath Party in
Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, to pay Intifada-driven Palestinians the
sum of $25,000 to their next-of-kin should they die throwing stones.
That measure had a worldwide impact and it seems the Assad regime is
using the same play from a twin playbook.
It is obvious, with this action, Assad wants to divert the attention
of the world away from his own massacres and brutality that resulted
in some 70 deaths yesterday and about 30 today in Jisr al-Shoghour.
RPS expects, on the basis of today's success, for these operations of
incursions to multiply in scope in the near future for two reasons: 1)
Divert the attention away from Assad's barbarism and savageries, and
2) Stand tall again in the eyes of the regime's supporters whose
morale has taken quite a beating the last 3 months because of the
violence perpetrated by Assad against unarmed civilians.
On this day of Naksa, RPS strongly believes in ownership and title of
its Golan Heights. But unlike a regime bred on the use of violence,
the Syrian people, demonstrating how peaceful they are as they endure
one massacre after another, believe in peaceful negotiations to
repatriate our lands. If Assad really wanted the Golan Heights, he
would walk the same peaceful path Anwar Sadat walked long before him.
But then, if he does, how can he justify his own existence as the
"Commandant de la Résistance". For Assad, winning through peace means
also losing the war against his own people.


IDF: Protesters caused their own deaths

Probe of 'Naksa Day' events reveals Syrian protesters ignited
minefields, threw firebombs without preparing extinguishers. IDF
called three ceasefires to allow Red Cross to evacuate wounded, but
protesters used this to gain ground
Hanan Greenberg

The IDF said Monday morning that many of the Syrian protesters who
stormed the border fence and Quneitra crossing in honor of 'Naksa Day'
were responsible for their own deaths by igniting mine fields on the

Sources said the protesters who ignited the fields did not bring fire
extinguishers with them and thus posed a danger to themselves and
others by behaving irresponsibly. Others threw firebombs near Quneitra
crossing to the same effect, they said.

Paying Up

Syrian opposition: Anti-Israel rioters paid $1,000 / Ynet

Protestors at northern border promised $1,000 reward by Assad's
regime, Reform Party of Syria claims; Israeli officials: Damascus
encouraged rioters. Syria says IDF killed 23 people, wounded 350; army
says figures inflated

Military sources are also assuming that many protesters were hurt or
killed as a result of the Red Cross's inability to reach them, due to
protesters' refusal to cease violence in order to allow for medical

IDF officials say commanders ordered three ceasefires, each of which
were taken advantage of by the protesters in order to gain ground.

Many protesters remained on the border throughout the night but most
had dispersed by morning, an IDF source said, stressing that soldiers
were still on high alert for additional breaches of the fence.

Dolan Abu Salah, the mayor of Majdal Shams, was unconvinced that the
protesters had dispersed, claiming that they had probably gathered on
a hill known to be unobservable from Israel.

Police still surround the Druze village and the IDF has declared the
village a closed military zone, though residents continue to move
around at will and daily life continues normally, aside from a school
strike. Checkpoints have been set up around the village in order to
prevent residents from reaching the border and joining protests.

Meanwhile, the IDF continues to investigate Sunday's events. Syria
claims 23 protesters were killed on the border and 350 injured, but
the army says that number is a gross overestimate.

Hundreds of Syrians, most of them Palestinian refugees, stormed the
border near Majdal Shams and the Quneitra crossing in honor of 'Naksa
Day', which marks the "Arab downfall" of the Six Day War.

They were prevented from crossing by IDF troops, who were prepared due
to a similar border breach on 'Nakba Day' last month.

Sources from the Syrian Opposition claim that President Bashar Assad's
regime, under fire from civilians vying for overhauling reform
recently, offered to pay demonstrators who join in the border protests
$1,000 for participating, or give their families $10,000 in the event
of their deaths.

C. Assad's Help Wanted Sign: $25,000 Reward For Being Killed by IDF
Sivan 4, 5771, 06 June 11 09:56
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
( The Syrian regime paid poor farmers in the
north $1,000 to travel to the border at the Golan Heights border and
challenge the IDF and another $25,000 to their families if they were
killed, according to the opposition Reform Party of Syria.
The death toll in Sunday's confrontation was reported at 23 by the
government-controlled Syrian media, and the IDF is on high alert for
more attempts on Monday to infiltrate into Israel.
The Reform party said that farmers, suffering from a severe drought,
make less than the average Syrian salary of $200 a month, one-fifth of
the amount of money they received to demonstrate and try to cross the
"It is obvious, with this action, [Syrian President Bashar] Assad
wants to divert the attention of the world away from his own massacres
and brutality that resulted in some 70 deaths yesterday [Saturday] and
about 30 today in Jisr al-Shoghou," the party's website said
The opposition party also expects more clashes so that Assad can
"stand tall again in the eyes of the regime's supporters whose morale
has taken quite a beating the last three months because of the
violence perpetrated by Assad against unarmed civilians."
The party's platform specifies the strategic Golan Heights, captured
by Israel in its defensive Six Day War in 1967, as part of Syria, but
also believes in "peaceful negotiations."
Its website added, "For Assad, winning through peace means also losing
the war against his own people."
More than 1,500 people have been killed and another 35,000 arrested or
harassed by Assad's forces in the eight-week uprising that has
escalated from demands for reform to demanding his ouster as


2. Finally, France has announced that it plans to join the latest
anti-Israel pogrom and will vote for the creation of a "Palestinian"
terrorist state with Jerusalem as its capital. And it is in
preparation for that that I call upon all honest people of good faith
to immediate join the campaign for self-determination and

Support Self-Determination, Liberation and Independence!

Friends, Comrades, Zionists, the time has come for us all to come out
openly in support of the National Liberation Front of Corsica - Fronte
di Liberazione Naziunale Corsu, or FLNC. France must end its
inhumane and oppressive illegal occupation of Corsica once and for
all. The activists and militants of the FLNC deserve world support!

Moreover, this illegal French occupation of Corsica has lasted for
over two centuries! It is true that the FLNC has used violence and
bombs in the past, but that just proves how oppressed the Corsicans
are and how just their cause is! The way to prevent further violence
is for France to agree to the demands of the FLNC at once. Corsica
must be made independent. Part of Paris, the section around the
Invalides where the most famous Corsican of all lies, must be
liberated from French occupation and must serve as the capital of
independent Corsica. French settlers living in Corsica must be
removed and sent back to their own country.

For years the FLNC has been demanding this, in its manifesto:
• The recognition of the National Right of the Corsican people.
• The removal of all instruments of French colonials – including the
French Army and the colonists.
• The setting up of a popular democratic government which would
express the will and the needs of the Corsican people.
• The confiscation of colonial estates.
• Agrarian reform to fulfill the aspirations of farmers, workers and
intellectuals and rid the country of all forms of exploitation.
• The right to self-determination of the Corsican people.
Surely we can all agree that these are just demands! In addition,
Obama and the EU leaders must provide funding and arms to the FLNC to
make sure that it is not replaced by violent terrorist groups.
Free Corsica! End French apartheid! Remove the illegal occupation!
Fight colonialism!
Write your Senator or Congressman today – demand an independent
liberated Corsica! Demand that Corsica be admited as th enewest
member of the United Nations at once! No justice, no peace!

3. Fighting back at York:

4. Latest on the Olive Tree Atrocity:

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