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The Day Israel's Self-Annihilation Commenced

1. If Israel is ever destroyed, future historians will scratch their
heads and wonder how and when the process of annihilation began.

We can already provide the answer. It began today. (Well, ok, it
began earlier, but today it became clear that we are talking about a
path to self-annihilation.) Please read on:,7340,L-4081740,00.html

Man who assaulted terrorist convicted

Attempted murder charges brought against Kiryat Arba resident who
tried to run over terrorist who stabbed his wife mitigates to
aggravated assault in plea bargain
Aviad Glickman

David Mizrahi from Kiryat Arba was convicted Monday of aggravated
assault against a Palestinian terrorist who stabbed his wife.

Mizrahi, 56, was initially charged with attempted murder.

The case dates back to 2009, when a Palestinian terrorist stabbed
Mizrahi and his wife, Tamar, near a Paz gas station in Kiryat Arba.

The two sustained light injuries. The terrorist was shot by IDF
soldiers who were on the premises, and while he lay injured on the
ground, Mizrahi tried to run him over.

The defense and the Jerusalem District Prosecution eventually reached
a plea bargain on reduced charges.

The court sanctioned the deal, seeing how the prosecution had no
clear-cut proof that he meant to kill his attacker.

The defense told Ynet that the plea bargain was "balances and
accommodating of the special circumstances of the case."

2. David Mizrachi is a hero and deserves to receive a medal of valor.
Those who prosecuted him deserve to be imprisoned.

3. Jewish Anti-Semitism
The Jewish Enemies of Israel
Posted By David Solway On June 15, 2011 @ 12:13 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage

It has never been easy for Israel—the understatement of the
century—from the day of its establishment in 1948 when it was invaded
by seven Arab armies to the present moment when it is facing multiple
threats to its very survival. It suffers a history like no other
nation in the world, surrounded by enemies, fighting wars on every
front, infiltrated by terrorists, confronting the wetware dreams of
genocidal regimes, in particular the prospect of a nuclear Iran sworn
to the country's annihilation, and subject to an international
delegitimation campaign carried out via the United Nations, the World
Council of Churches, spurious NGOs and "peace" organizations, labor
unions, university campuses, a hostile European Union, and the efforts
of an American president who wants to see the country reduced to
indefensible borders.
As if this were not enough, there is yet another menace it has to
face, deriving from the Cain and Abel paradigm, which has inwardly
corroded the Jewish community since the thunderous instant it
purportedly received the tablets from Mount Sinai: betrayal from
within. The rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram against Moses and
his mission to create a unified and cohesive people set the tone for
much of what followed in the history of the Jews. The record is
inexhaustible: the backsliding tribes and their idolatrous rulers whom
the Prophets railed against, the conflict between the brother states
of Israel and Judea, the quarreling Jews Josephus tells us about who
were in large measure responsible for the Roman victory and massacre
in the first century A.D., the apostates, "wicked sons" and Court Jews
who have proliferated through the ages, and those who contracted the
wasting disease that Ruth Wisse in Jews and Power called "the
veneration of political weakness."
True, the quietist Jews who took refuge in ritual and scripture caused
no material injury, but they, arguably, instilled an attitude of
helplessness and defeatism into the plasm of the Jewish
sensibility—precisely what the vigorous and determined Palmach
fighters and the Zionist kibbutzniks who settled and farmed the land
of Israel intended to counteract. They would no longer go "like sheep
to the slaughter"; instead they put the debilitating syndrome to rest,
struggled valiantly to survive and built a strong and proud country.
However, the renegades and turncoats did, and continue to do,
immeasurable harm. The motive for treachery seems to be immemorial. As
Wisse writes, "For every Mordecai and Esther who risked their lives to
protect fellow Jews, there were schemers who turned betrayal or
conversion to profit." Indeed, "the ubiquitous informer, or moser" is
always with us. In the modern age they beget like rabbits on
But it is not only a question of schemers and betrayers. There are
many Jews who have turned against, or disembarrassed themselves of,
their own compatriots for ostensibly "noble" reasons, like the
Yevsektsiya or European and Russian Jews who joined the Bolsheviks and
were instrumental in the formation of the Soviet Communist Party,
until they were duly liquidated. Today, these are the Jews who embark
on flotillas to abet a terrorist regime in Gaza, validate the
Palestinian faux narrative, practice outreach and dialogue with
Islamic murderers, vote "liberal," pride themselves on their pacific
and ecumenical ideology—a "universalist worldview," as Daniel Gordis
writes in a poignant Commentary essay, that "does not have a place for
enemies"—and celebrate their birthdays in Ramallah bars festooned with
"PLO posters advocating the death of Jews."
Everywhere we look we see these broken Jews who have embraced
left-wing causes, or assimilationist fatuities, or the temptations of
social prestige, or the fashionable bromides of the zeitgeist that
promise peace and understanding with anti-Semitic killers and despots
in a pluralistic New World Order that exists only in their own febrile
and disarrayed minds.
Their behavior is nothing short of scandalous: Reform and
Reconstructionist Jews who profess to have as much (or more) in common
with Muslims and Buddhists as with their embattled congeners in the
Holy Land, espousing the Sabbatarian fiction of multiculturalism;
intellectual and political recreants like Noam Chomsky, Norman
Finkelstein, Michael Lerner, Neve Gordon, Joel Beinin, Charles
Enderlin, Jeremy Ben-Ami, Richard Falk and the contemptible Richard
Goldstone who labor to abolish the Jewish state or change its
character unrecognizably, siding impenitently with its adversaries;
artistic Jews—I have in mind people like Amos Oz, A.B. Yehoshua, David
Grossman, Daniel Barenboim, Aharon Shabtai and the late Harold Pinter,
among innumerable others—who give or gave succour to the enemy; media
Jews who open their op-ed pages, both in Israel and America, to
Palestinian "negotiators" and avowed terrorists; American Jews who
vote for the most anti-Israel president who ever put his feet up on
the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, and who, as Isi Leibler says,
have "adopt[ed] an anti-Israeli chic"; mogul Jews in the entertainment
industry who tiptoe around the Islamic fact and have nothing good to
say on Israel's behalf; filmster Jews like Steven Spielberg, Eyal
Sivan, Ran Edelist and Amos Gitae, among a multitudinous crew of
pan-and-zoom Israel bashers, who can always be counted on to impugn
the nation's character or justify the Palestinians; and the endlessly
ramifying Jewish anti-Zionist and post-Zionist organizations in Israel
and the West that accuse the Jewish state of insensate aggression, or
immorality, or original sin, or illegitimacy, or inflicting collective
punishment on their neighbors, ad nauseam. As I wrote in Hear, O
Israel!, it is almost as if there is something in the Jewish psyche
that breeds sinat chinam, or baseless hatred, in the midst of an
historic kinship.
These individuals and groups comprise a veritable host of Joseph's
Brothers who go about their business selling Israel out and, although
they may not know it, are quite plausibly arranging for their own
eventual misery. As Rabbi David Algaze of Havurat Yisrael said of Tony
Kushner, the Jewish playwright who believes Israel was a mistake and
falsely accuses it of engaging in "the deliberate destruction of
Palestinian culture," he "is ignoring history and history will come
back to haunt him."
The issue we are broaching is not only whether Israel can survive its
obvious enemies both in the Islamic world and in the West. The
situation is bad enough as it is. The issue is whether Israel can
survive its own. For Israel may not win through if it is constantly
maligned and attacked by a swelling fifth column of fellow Jews who
may bring the same fate upon the nation as it suffered in Biblical and
Roman times. The Assyrians and Babylonians and Romans of yore have not
gone away; they have merely transmuted into contemporary forms.
If Israel is to survive it must be defended, or at the very least not
undermined, by its ethnic compatriots in the Diaspora or the
admittedly small, but influential, cadre of its fractious and deluded
citizens. It must, as a minimal condition, be allowed to fight its
wars in peace.

Article printed from FrontPage Magazine:

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7. For those with compassion for the "suffering" Palestinians. It
might amuse you to see their new amusement park.

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