Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In 2005 a mentally ill Israeli soldier named Eden Natan-Zada opened
fire in the Galilee town of Shfaram, and killed four people, Arabs and
Druse, and wounding 13. The crowd lynched him after he was disarmed.
Twelve of those who participated in the lynching were interrogated,
seven briefly arrested, and the Israeli government has been trying to
make up its mind whether to indict them ever sincp. It is now 6 years
later and they have not been indicted. It is pretty clear they will
not be charged. For the record, I do not think they should be charged
for lynching him. In the infamous Goldstein massacre in Hebron in
1994, after murdering 29 Arabs in the Cave of the Machpelah, Baruch
Goldstein was disarmed and then lynched. Those who lynched him were
never indicted. Nor, in my opinion, should they have been.

As we reported earlier today, David Mizrachi from Kiryat Arba was just
convicted by Israel's dual justice system because he tried to run over
the terrorist who had just stabbed his wife and attempted to murder
himself and his wife. The incident took place in 2009.

Can you see any differences?

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