Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tales from the Dual Justice System of Israel

We have been speaking of cases of Jews who were prosecuted for killing
Arab terrorists, while Arabs who lynch Jewish killers were not.

Well, one more interesting is case is that of Yoram Skolnik. In 1993,
Skolnik, then 31, killed a terrorist who had just attacked a group of
Israeli soldiers, after the terrorist had been disarmed and

Skolnik was indicted and convicted. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Later President Ezer Weizmann shortened his sentence to 11 years. In
2001 an expanded Supreme Court panel voted 4 against 3 to release him
from prison early. At the time the father of the terrorist whom
Skolnik had killed was interviewed in the Israeli media and denounced
Israel as a "state of criminals that kills Palestinian children."
Skolnik's release was against the background of the release by Israel
of hundreds of Palestinian terrorist murderers. The same Israeli
leftist groups who always demand that Israel release all Palestinian
mass murderers had a conniption over the release of Skolnik.

Meanwhile, here is one more tale from the Israeli dual justice system:,7340,L-4082844,00.html

Settler says shot Palestinian in self-defense

Police arrest 26-year old from Alon Shvut on suspicion he shot
Palestinian for throwing stones
Yair Altman

The police on Wednesday arrested a 26-year-old settler on suspicion
that heshot to death a Palestinian man who attacked him with stones
five months ago in village of Iraq Burin, south of Nablus.

During his investigation, the suspect – an Alon Shvut resident living
in Jerusalem – admitted to shooting 19-year-old Mahar Khadous, but
claimed self defense. On Friday he will be brought in front of the
Jerusalem Magistrate's Court for a remand hearing.

The gun used in the shooting was uncovered in the suspect's house in
Jerusalem. When asked why he didn't turn himself in, the suspect said
he was afraid to do so.

The suspect was detained after a prolonged investigation conducted by
the Shai District Police's Central Unit under the command of
Superintendent Eli Asayag.

Footage captured by a security camera from a nearby IDF base shows a
man with a gun trying to ward off two Palestinians who are approaching

One of the Palestinians is seen coming within a few meters of the
Israeli man. He then lifts a stone and lingers for a few moments,
while the other Palestinian joins him.

Shortly after, the Israeli man is seen trying to flee the area, while
the Palestinian chases him. The footage, which was shot from a
distance, does not clearly show when the Palestinian was shot. Moments
after the chase, the Palestinian falls to the ground, gets up, walks a
few steps – and collapses again.

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