Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anti-Boycott Law is Really a Law against Anti-Jewish Discrimination and Bigotry

The hysteria of Israel's radical Left in light of the new anti-boycott
law is growing by the hour.

The problem with Israeli leftists is that they are anti-democratic and
know they can never persuade the public to pursue leftist policies
using the democratic process. There would be nothing wrong with
leftists trying to convince the public using democratic means and
persuasion that settlements are awful and must be removed. If the
Left persuades enough people, they will elect a parliament that will
implement the Left's agenda.

The problem is that the vast majority of the public rejects the Left's
agenda and supports the continued development of "settlements" and
other Israeli institutions in the West Bank, including Ariel
University. Because the Left is incapable of persuading more than a
few percent of Israelis, the Left pursues its agenda using coercive
anti-democratic means, by organizing boycotts against West Bank Jews
and demonizing them. This is a fundamentally anti-democratic tactic
and shows the real nature of Israel's increasingly fascist Far

In addition, those who boycott West Bank "settlements" are anti-Jewish
bigots. How do we know this? Because they are not promoting the
boycott of Israeli enterprises in the West Bank, but only of Jewish
enterprises. If some Arab entrepreneurs in Nazareth or Haifa were to
set up factories or hire people in the West Bank, none of the bleeding
heart leftist boycotters would propose that THOSE be boycotted. Or
take the idea one step further. The Arab fascist Knesset Member Ahmed
Tibi has Israeli citizenship. He also owns a residence in East
Jerusalem, outside the "1967 Green Line." (Hat tip – Hagai Segel in
Makor Rishon). Not a single leftist is calling for Tibi to be
boycotted because of this. Why not? If the boycott is against all
Israeli presence outside the Green Line, Tibi is as deserving of being
boycotted as anyone else. In fact he sits in the Israeli parliament!

The answer of course is that the boycott is directed against Jews, not
against Israelis. It is racist and bigoted and that is why the
anti-boycott bill is justified, much like any law against

There is another ironic twist to the leftists and their boycott
against "settlements." While intending only to harm Jews, the main
victims of such boycotts are likely to be West Bank "Palestinians."
The enterprises operating in the West Bank that the Left wants
boycotted employ thousands of "Palestinians," paying them wages at
least three times what they can earn in regular Palestinian jobs
working for Palestinians. And Ariel University has lots of
Palestinian students, I think between 10 and 15 percent of its student
body. So if the Leftists get their way, they will be inflicting
serious damages on their beloved "Palestinians."

While the Left is wetting itself over the anti-boycott law and
insisting that boycotts are legitimate and democratic, Amnon Lord,
writing in Makor Rishon, has an interesting anecdote.

It seems that a few years back, the Israeli government decided to
prohibit Israeli drivers from getting their cars fixed in the West
Bank. The garages there are cheaper but there were too many terrorist
attacks against the traffic of Israelis going there for tune-ups. So,
out of security concerns, it was prohibited for drivers to go there.

The Left had conniptions. Lead by Uri Avnery, the father of Israeli
anti-Zionism (and a one-time supporter of Nazism before World War II),
the Left screamed that this boycott of West Bank garages was a racist
reincarnation of Nazi German boycotts of Jewish shops. This is the
same Avnery, and these are the same leftist moonbats, now bellowing
that prohibiting boycotts against settlers is fascist and

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