Friday, July 29, 2011

Beer Sheba Rabbi Murdered by Leftist Rhetoric and Government Harassment!!

Israel really must do something about the violent anti-Rabbi
incitement in the country, especially now that it has produced the
cold-blooded murder of Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira. The Rabbi, aged 70,
was grandson of the famous Moroccan Jewish kabbalist, the Baba Sali.
(,7340,L-4101678,00.html ) He was
stabbed to death by a 42 year old Jewish man. Clearly the murderer
was inspired by the anti-Rabbinic barbaric rhetoric that has become so
common in Israel.

Ok, I am being facetious.

The rabbi was not murdered by rhetoric. He was murdered by a deranged nut.

But let us bear in mind that this is the same Israel in which the
entire political establishment, the entire media, and much of
academia, have been chanting nonstop in mindless unison since 1995
that unrestrained political discourse produces murder. The Supreme
Court of the country agrees, and proclaims rhetoric that involves
criticism of illegal acts treason to be defamation.

The political establishment has proclaimed that the exercise of
freedom of speech by non-leftists produces assassination and murder.
The Israeli government itself has been leading the campaign against
the "incitement" and "racism" of Rabbis. That is why it has been
harassing and arresting so many Rabbis. I do not know what the
ideological and political opinions of the Rabbi Abuhatzeira were, but
if he had not been murdered this week it would not have surprised me
if Shai Nitzan, the leftist Deputy Attorney General, and his little
gang of crusaders against democracy would have arrested the Rabbi.

And then we have the latest anencephelic (that means born without a
brain) mantras coming from the liberuhs and the Left in Europe and the
US. They insist that the reason a Christian Norwegian Neo-Nazi
conducted mass murders of Christian Norwegians is because of
Right-wing web sites that criticize Islamist terrorism and Arab
fascism. The Jews of course are also to blame, insist a growing
number of anti-Semitic web pages. (Here is one you will enjoy:
) Why the Jews? Well, after all, Jews are also active in
criticizing Islamofascism and Arab terrorism, so the Norwegian
murderer must have been inspired by them. Without those Jewish
inciters, young Breivik would have taken up ice fishing.

So if anti-immigrant organizations in Europe and websites that
denounce Islamofascism caused the Norwegian Breivik to shoot and bomb,
and if Rabbis suggesting that Jewish women date only Jewish men are
genocidal inciters and inspirers of murderers, responsible for the
Rabin assassination, then surely we can all agree that the fashionable
secularist defamation and harassment of Rabbis in Israel produced the
murder of Rabbi Abuhatzeira! It is all Shai Nitzan's fault!

I mentioned this earlier, but it is worth repeating, now that the
Norwegian ambassador to Israel is justifying Palestinian terrorism,
and distinguishing it from the "Norwegian terrorism." Dersh has a
nice piece on this here: You see, killing Scandinavians is bad.
They are blond. But killing Jews is understandable and justifiable.
Jews are Untermenschen.

The fact of the matter is that the Norwegian killings, horrific though
they may be, were not acts of terrorism at all. They were more like
the Columbine shootings, murderous acts of the deranged, with no real
ideological motivation. The killer Breivik is far more Charles Manson
than he is Yassir Arafat.

Terrorism is what Arab fascists do. It is ideologically and
religiously motivated. Its aim is ultimately genocidal.

That is why the Norwegian Eurotrash thinks it is acceptable.

And that is why a Palestinian state should be erected only in Norway.

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